3D Models Visuals in Power BI

Hi @martinromby!

I missed your reply during the weekend :man_bowing:t3:

There is a limitation on PowerBI’s Custom Visual API, since version 4.6 it forces devs to implement a privileges section that I may have implemented in a very strict way.

I just pushed a new version that should allow for connecting to any speckle server, but I’m not sure if our security expert @iainsproat would throw a :brick: at my face for doing so :sweat_smile:. Since we’re currently testing this, I think it’s fine, but this decision may be revised :slight_smile:


Cheers @AlanRynne !
I can confirm that it works on non-speckle deployed servers.

Hopefully @iainsproat won’t be that cruel :wink:


Great, thanks Alan! It works on my end as well.

Would be good if there is a sustainable way to allow connecting with any Speckle server so more people can use it (@AlanRynne another advantage is that you don’t have to wear a hardhat while sitting behind your laptop :construction_worker_man: )


@martinromby @JdB, nice to know you got it rolling!

To you and whoever else gives this a go: I’m sure there’s a lot you’d be missing in the current visual so don’t hesitate to make a list and send it our way! :wink:

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Hi Alan, I gave the viewer a test this afternoon and it’s really positive to see that it’s able to display the geometry alongside the data now (look forward to viewer update too). I’m not sure if this is an isolated case but when I’m pulling the data from the stream (it eventually did it but after 3 minutes). The same issue existed when splitting the data column (took another 3 minutes to retrieve this). Eventually I was able to pull together a demo. It’s really exciting!

One request I’d make would be to enable the extraction of IFC PropertySets from IFC Files. I was able to separate by IFC Entities (Speckle Types) but the ability to filter by additional Property Sets would be great.

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The viewer and connector works very nicely and its super smooth, really nice work!

The gradient mapping for numerical values seems to bug out when a null value is within them. Really excited to get the new viewer in there with 2 way highlighting. Will we be able to get comments that are set in speckle to show up in the 3d viewer in powerBi the comment system really changed how we send reports internally, to couple that with highlighting and graph functionallity would be amazing.

Being able to “pre slice” views so that they are set up similar to floor plans would also be something really good, ofcouse this can be done with tagging geometry with floor levels or checking Z values and just filtering that out, but to ease the use of setting the PowerBI up that functionallity would be great.


As an aside: I’d really like to hear more on that - I might want to jump on a call with you! We’ve recently revamped the viewer (a lot!), and there’s some incompatibilities between old filters and new. Anything you can share with us on the comments as reports front would help (you can DM me in private).

As for comments support inside powerBI, it’s going to be an exercise for @AlanRynne, myself and @alex to enable that!

We were thinking of that already, and @alex is trying right now to hack some nice section planes to go with it. Would it be useful in the viewer frontend as well?

You can already isolate specific levels, if your model comes from revit and is clean:

See this comment for example as well:


Amazing I can’t wait to try it!! Sadly I’m on vacations, but definitely will be on it last half of September!

Great job, thanks Speckle :clap::clap::clap:


Not sure those a sad circumstances :grin:, thanks for the enthusiasm!

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Hi Alan, We managed to make the Viewer work in PowerBI, Great Job!
Is there a way to filter data by selecting objects in the 3D viewer?


For an LCA application that we are developing, integrating comments in that 3d viewer would make sense for us as well. Maybe its already possible since in the 3d viewer you sent here shows that information.

Yeah the sectionplanes are kinda possible already in power BI with using slicer on floor information in the speckle model, but being able to cut it cleanly without using the isolate feature would be fantastic. Especially for floorplan visualisations.

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Not yet, we’re currently re-writing the Speckle 3D Viewer and as soon as it’s ready we’ll switch to using that one in PowerBI too. This will allow for 2 way selection logic, but I don’t have an ETA on that yet.

It is… and it isn’t. Let me explain:

Anything that is “displayed” in a PowerBI custom visual needs to come from data that was fetched via queries, and linked to the visual through available DataRoles in order to enable interactivity between the visual and the rest of the report.

The visual itself cannot “generate new data”, at least not in a way that the rest of the report would be able to pick it up.

We could display the comments on the viewer quite easily, but that won’t have much interactivity in and of itself.

Is there any other solutions you know of that do something similar? It would help us understand and scope this feature better.

This, although doable, I’m not sure how it would play into the PowerBI report ecosystem. Are you hoping for the viewer to:

  1. automatically figure out the sectionplane?
  2. remember the section plane you just created?
  3. have a specific input so you could bind the sectionPlane to some data imported into the report?

As with the previous one, if you know of particular examples of visuals that have implemented something similar, we’d love to hear about them :wink:


Thanks, please keep me updated on this, the potential is big,


Hi @jan.appelgryn ,

Feel free to recommend any other feature you think we should include. We are shaping it according to your recommendations. Thank you😊


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Yes it seems that not all elements are showing. I have made another example with a diferente building (smaller one) this time from Revit 2020 and I have the same results.(missing elements)

Also I would like to say that Querys take a really long time. Every time I make a change it would take aproximately 2.5 minutes to refresh an this is a small building (1634 elements)

In spite of that I really like what you have done. This Will be a very nice tool in the future.

Thanks a lot Speckle

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very nice!
However the model seems loading very slowly, and after 5 minutes it is still loading. How can it load faster? It is not a big model.

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Hey @newshunhk ,

We are aware of this and hopefully we’ll make it faster in the next release. It’s a limitation on PowerBI side and we are looking for ways to get around this.

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