3D Models Visuals in Power BI


I’m trying to visualise interractive 3D revit models in Power BI. I was thinking about Embeding speckle Viewer inside Power BI report (to achieve something similar o the image below). Is it possible? Or, does someone have an Idea about How or where to start from?

Thank you so much!t

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Hi @yousra_kadcha!

I’m not a user of PowerBI, but I can think of 2 different routes to go about this:

Easy: You can use the “embed viewer” functionality we just added to the speckle server, this includes some functionality like section box/ viewing selection metadata, etc… I’m guessing powerBI allows you to use iframe content such as google maps, etc… but I’m not sure if this is true. If it doesn’t, you’d have to go for the less easy option.

Check the embed viewer instructions here → Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Less Easy: Our viewer is published as an npm package that you can use freely, although this will not come with any of the “pre-made” toolbar with selection, section-box, etc… and you’d have to code that yourself. This will allow to integrate better, but I’m not sure what are powerBI’s limitations around this.

The docs on the viewer are still WIP, but you can find the package here. Also, if you’re looking an example app where it’s used, you can find a Vue.js component that uses the viewer here.

Hope any of these options work!

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I’ll try them and keep you updated.

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Great! Let us know how it goes, as we’d be super interested in having your feedback on how speckle and powerBI play together :slight_smile:

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Hi @yousra_kadcha ,

Quick note to say that I have tried following using this tutorial, it works but then I get some auth errors because of the embedding. It should be something relatively easy to fix on our end…

We’ll keep you posted!