New Connector Request Synchro or bexel manger to unreal

One critical aspect of modern project management is 4D BIM, which integrates 3D models with the project schedule to visualize construction sequences and enhance planning and communication. Synchro and Bexel Manager are leading tools in this domain, offering comprehensive 4D BIM capabilities.

To further enhance interoperability and data sharing across different platforms, we propose the development of a new Speckle connector specifically designed to send 4D data from Synchro and Bexel Manager to Unreal Engine. This connector will facilitate the transfer of 4D data, including animations and all associated scheduling information, into the Speckle ecosystem, enabling broader collaboration and data utilization within Unreal Engine.

Is 4D BIM ofr project management part of your daily work @Shobhit_Suthar ?

So you suggestion for connectivity from Bexel/Synchro is for publish for visualisation only and not Loading Speckle data in?

I’d never heard of Bexel til just last month when @zookarma introduced themselves.

Synchro has been asked for multiple times, and its promotor would love to see your vote added to their ideas:

And also fellow 4D time travellers:

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