New Connector Request: Synchro4d

I recommend if there is a connector between synchro 4d pro and Navisworks

Please take it as a new request:)


All connectors are between host apps and speckle. so this is two requests :smiley:

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Great to gooo ahead :wink:

As a further caveat, we don’t receive model data from speckle into Navisworks.

No need to receive, the idea is to send the Timeliner (for example) to speckle and receive it to Synchro as a base data compatible with Synchro Platform.

I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but I am sure you can handle it.

Thanks …

Got it. I was going by the original topic title.

Synchro isn’t something that has come up a lot before - lets see how much attention this request gets.

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This is defiantly a connector I would like to see, I am currently trying to export an IFC out from synchro and use speckle to connect the exported IFC with the relevant 4D Data such as IFCTASK, IFCCALENDARDATE, IFCRELASSIGNSTASKS etc with Power BI. But when I bring the data into Power BI none of the 4D Property set are coming through.