New Development for 4D Dashboard

In recent times, major players in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry have been focusing on 4D planning and simulation. Consequently, most companies are utilizing Primavera P6 for their planning and scheduling needs. I believe it would be a significant opportunity if Speckle Systems were to incorporate a P6 connector, similar to the approach taken by Synchro 4D.

You might be right about this, I don’t have enough detail to know.

How do you see a P6 workflow playing out with respect to Speckle - what would a connection help you to achieve?

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two possibilities come to my mind when thinking abut the integration of p6 data with speckle:

-dynamic 4d planning with power bi:
integrating p6 data into power bi for dynamic 4d planning views. this could provide users with real-time insights, allowing them to make specific planning changes on the go.

-coordination through speckle:
mapping p6 data to speckle objects and translating it into revit parameters might offer a streamlined solution. this could significantly enhance project execution and coordination.

while this is currently an idea, i believe such integration could transform the project management experience.

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Have you seen Alice Technologies? This combines Revit with duration data, similar to Synchro 4D, to simulate construction and generate schedules that can be exported in P6.

Combining schedule data with 3D models would be very useful.