🆕 Mapping Tool for CAD > BIM workflows

Hello community, and happy Friday!

I’d like to share with you a sneak peek of a (very early) feature we’ve been working on: a CAD to BIM mapping tool!

After the great success of our Grasshopper BIM and Rhino BIM functionalities, we received a lot of requests to make the creation Revit models from Rhino better and easier.

As you know, our mission is to enable anyone to speak in 3D, and that means enabling all sorts of workflows with 3D models and data. :speckle:

We have finally embarked to do that, but in the Speckle’s Way ™ :smiley: which means not only Rhino> Revit workflows are supported, but eventually other CAD > BIM ones like AutoCAD > ArchiCAD or Civil 3D > Tekla and so on.

Here it is, and hopefully, you’ll have a chance to try it in the upcoming 2.10 release.

What you see are extrusions becoming Walls and breps/meshes becoming DirectShapes; the types, families, and levels are all pulled from a stream that was sent from Revit.

What do you think? Let us know below!

PS: excuse the very basic model, cooler ones will follow soon! :slight_smile:

mapping tool2


For those interested to try this functionality, we have a very early 2.10.0-beta release available in Manager!

How it works:

  • create a Stream and from Revit and send your levels families & types (mapping data)
  • launch Rhino and open the mapping window with the SpeckleMappings command
  • in the Mapping tool slect the stream with the mapping data
  • now you can apply any of the following mappings:
    • Extrusion => Wall
    • Mesh or Brep => DirectShape
    • Point or Block => FamilyInstance
    • Line => Beam or Brace
  • send your mapped geometries to Revit and get them as native BIM elements

What other mappings would you like to see? Let us know below!


Hi @teocomi !

That looks really promising! Do you think that we could create those DirectShapes / Families from any CAD software like Rhino, but reading the Family, Type and Base Level from embeded User Strings in each geometry?

Thanks a lot, and can’t wait too see how it evolves! :slight_smile:

Hey @mserra !

Yes, the goal is to then roll this out to other CAD tools such as AutoCAD, but you’d be able to load your CAD drawings from Rhino already.

Family , Type, Base Level and any other required parameter would be mapped form Revit, we’re also looking to support instance and type parameters.

I’ll upload a video in the following days that shows the process a bit more in detail!


:shushing_face: here are also some initial docs: