Revit Wall by Face

Hey everyone,

I’m working with complex Rhino geometry which should be translated to Revit Walls by Face.

Working directly in Revit, I can select individual faces of the mass and create proper wall geometry:

Going through Speckle GH, though, the created Revit wall is aligned to the face but not trimmed:

Also, working with the mass created with Speckle GH in Revit, I can’t select any faces to create walls off of:

Any ideas on how to tackle these?

Hey Marius,

Thanks for the report!

The wall-by-face issue sounds like an easy one, we’ll look into it soon. Although being able to specify a mass face as the base one is a bit tricky, and we might not have a solution for it in the short term…

Would you see a benefit in being able to create these objects directly from Rhino instead of GH? We could see what’s possible as part of the mapping tool.


@teocomi thanks for your prompt response and the pointer to the mapping tool!

I don’t know how I missed this one. The mapping tool seems to be exactly what I need. Literally two days ago I was showing Speckle GH to a few of my colleagues in the office and the feedback was that they’d love to use the workflow under the condition that it is directly embedded in Rhino. For some, GH is still very intimidating.

So yes, if WallByFace was a direct mapping from the mapping tool (and worked bug-free) you’d make a few people happy in our office.
Especially, if the mapping could be defined in the receiving application (Revit).

For this particular project we have a Rhino and a Revit person. Data flows in one direction (Rhino->Revit) but the Rhino guru only knows basics of Revit and we’d like to keep things simple for them.


@mariuszhermansdorfer would you be able to share a GH definition with the surface itself?
I suspect the problem is about how it got trimmed :slight_smile:

@teocomi, sure. Attached the GH with internalized geometry both for the bigger mass and the particular surface. (133.3 KB)

Txs! We’ve nailed the bug, it’ll take us a little longer than expected to fix, but we’ll let you know when it’s done (~1-2 weeks from now).

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Appreciate it! And thanks for such a fast turnaround.

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Hey @mariuszhermansdorfer!

Just coming back to let you know we fixed this limitation and it should be making it’s way to the next release (2.13). We’re going to release a new beta version sometime today (2.13.0-beta1) which should contain this, in case you want to give it a go before it goes out officially.

The new result should allow for weird boundaries in walls and weirdly shaped holes. It will follow the same restrictions as our Brep → Revit conversion (i.e. if the Brep fails, you can expect the wall to also fail, at least for now!)