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Exporting clashes from Navisworks and managing issues in a Speckle powered app. Importing clash views from Navis into Revit and solving them one by one.


As someone who works for General Contractor, sometimes we only get Navis files from the Appointing Party in the tendering process. Having all the info and geometry available in Grasshopper would save me a lot of time I think.

Navis โ†’ Speckle is possible. Geom + Data. Navis only knows about Meshes.

Speckle โ†’ Navis is a bit of a non-starter. You can augment data to objects already in the Model, but any geometry you generate by API (and that isnโ€™t straightforward) canโ€™t be used for scheduling or clashing.

Exporting clashes from Navisworks and managing issues in a Speckle powered app. Importing clash views from Navis into Revit and solving them one by one.

So thatโ€™s a โ€œtwo-pluginโ€ request. :smiley:

Now, while @teocomi is a quiet expert in exporting Navis issues, I also have something bubbling along in the background. Iโ€™m working on an NW plugin that syncs Issue data and Viewpoints in real-time to a browser view. It uses Firebase and GCS for images right now, but I have a strong inclination to port the app as a Speckle implementation for 3D interaction. What you describe is a workflow that could be a BCF server end-point for speckle - which is food for thought.


Weโ€™ve definitely been mumbling internally on supporting BCF-style issues within Speckle, and youโ€™ll probably see a beginning with some commenting features soon :scream_cat:
So yeah, we definitely want to add Navis to the mix, but it might take a while before we can properly integrate it :wink:

Thanks to both for the feedback!


People voting for ArcGIS, great news, some planning is being made in this direction! Please help us understand better your AcrGIS usage and interoperability needs by responding to the survey: ArcGIS connector survey


Yeah Navis will be awsome! since it works as an integration platform for a lot of formats, instead of developing a ton of connectors you could use Navis as a federation tool for models and them Speckles to send data where is needed. it will solve a lot of workflows where you need to extract data from models and process it.


BIM Track!!!

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I had forgotten but am now amused to see the request I recalled was from @gokermu about Navisworks.

There is a two-part solution to my orignal pessimistic response. :confounded:

This is a different way of thinking about integration than other connectors which inject data into scenes within Connectors, but in theory, works. A Navisworks :speckle: Connector would save a โ€˜Readโ€™ as a model.speckle file (essentially rehydrated JSON) and a separate loader plugin would then convert to NWC and either aggregate or refresh that NWC file into the Scene. There will be a bunch of UX nicety to managing the streams/files in a model that is a less interesting challenge :blush: but, I have the download and conversion at least a little bit underway.

So, hopefully, thatโ€™s some embryonic good news, even though you are now more capable than I am to fulfil your :speckle: dreams.

And, yes, I have considered that this raises the mouthwatering prospect of another ADSK workaround like Revit down-versioning where you can theoretically build your own NWDs from frozen published NWDs sent from others. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just some suggestions:
PTC-Creo (or step as common format)
Navisworks to anything (step, dgn, โ€ฆ)
Autodesk Plant 3D to AVEVA PDMS and vice versa

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Thanks @Jens !

I moved your topic here as we already have a growing list of connectors to develop :wink:
In regards to navis, the good news is that there is already a community contribution in the works!

Navisworks Connector - PreAlpha contributions requested

Cadcorp SIS Desktop is used commonly in UK Local Government, housing, and emergency services. There is an increasing requirement to share BIM data within GIS systems for planning and other purposes. A connector to support this could open up workflows that are currently extrordinarily painful or impossible.


Hi @jmh welcome to our community and thanks for the suggestion!

Weโ€™ll look to see if this is feasible, in the meantime we ( @Kateryna ) are developing an ArcGIS connector :slight_smile:

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Hi @jmh , thanks for the hint! Feel free to share any painful workflows, so we understand practical application better!

It would be Nice to have SAF connector

Itโ€™s an open excel based data base for analytical structural models that already supports a lot of software

Would be nice to expand that to speckle connection!!!