Help us decide which connectors to develop next! 🔌

3ds Max is one of the dominate modeling packages for archviz. It would great to have a connector to keep it in the current workflow of so many studios.

Thanks @kholman ! I’ve merged your thread with this existing one; feel free to add your vote on top :slight_smile:

As you can see it’s quite high on the list already. Can you please describe what workflows you’d be using it with? Eg: with wich other connectors?

Hi All,

I am following Speckle from a bit (and from the backseats so far :slight_smile: ).

I am currently working with a consultant that uses Trimble Plankal Nova as a MEPC BIM authoring software.

They export ifc for us to link in revit, but everytime there are issues with their files, from wrong coordinates, to geometry partially imported in a place and partially in another, non-correct geometry, missing geometry, and the list can go on.

Would be awesome to have a connector for that software and streamline the link of better geometry in our revit from their model.

Anyone else with the same issues?

Thanks a lot.



Thanks for the suggestion!

All to do with visualisation - Houdini is quite good for generating procedural textures, effects, physics etc and so having a connector where you could take things either from an AEC platform (Revit, Rhino, ArchiCad, Sketchup, etc) into Houdini, or something non-AEC (Blender, Maya, Mudbox, etc) would be useful. It would also be cool if speckle allowed for the transferring of maps and texture packs as well (potentially as attributes on objects with links stored to the textures). Currently transferring textures between software is a total pain and it would be great to see this process streamlined a bit (acknowledging that things like Megascans and it’s plugins already exist).

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Bump. I am hearing more noise about Plant 3D in relation to the Water industry across ANZ and even unprovoked noises about DEXPI. Perhaps we can talk about this more? (P.s. this is Aurecon talking somewhat here)

Hi @Matthew_Randell ,

Thanks for the bump :slight_smile: As you can see from our survey above we have quite a few software in our backlog :slight_smile: Having said that, since Plant 3D is based on AutoCAD, maybe there’s something we can do faster…

@clrkng would we be able to port the current plugin over there?

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We could add this to the open issue on additional AutoCAD verticals, I believe Architecture is also requested at the moment :slight_smile:

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#1 Community request for Navisworks has reached an alpha release. Now available from Manager.

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I would be interested in seeing a connector for Deltek. The ability to pull information from a project database would amazing! Applying seals, EOR/AOR info, staff assignments, etc.


As far as new connectors, I’d love to see

  • Solidworks <-> Speckle
  • Maya <-> Speckle
  • Speckle → Navisworks

I would love to be able to send a customer provided Navisworks file
directly to Speckle ! (Like IFC)
And be able to stream it down to Blender, Bricscad, Vectorworks,
Modo, C4D, …

As it is very unlikely that my customer’s-customers would ever ever
install a Speckle Manager/Connector just to help collaboration with me …
(they seem to love or not care about their proprietary closed BIM situation)

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Please add Plant3D to vote list :smiling_face_with_tear:


For file upload options we’re limited to conversions made possible by open source file parsing right now.

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If I’m correct, Plant 3D is an AutoCAD vertical, just like Civil 3D, meaning it might require very little effort to get a basic Connector going…

Maybe this could be someone’s holiday Speckle hack? :ok_man:


What about Inventor ?


Inventor is a popular request for sure.

I have just started looking at documenting using the Navisworks Connector as a means of ingesting Inventor models, but that’s just one-way and for assemblies.

How do you see yourself using it in a workflow? What features would be most important to how you use inventor?


Plaxis for geotechnical engineering analysis


Hi everybody,

I would really appreciate a connector from 3dsmax to Unreal.

(sorry for the Unity tag. I had to put one but there wasn’t a 3dsmax tag nor an Unreal one)