Text Entities are not supported in Rhino 8

Hi @clrkng @jonathon @AlanRynne
Text entities are not working in grasshopper in Rhino 8
Can you fix this? This is with latest connector 2.19.0-WIP
Could you look into this?

textEntititesNotWorkingRhino8.gh (17.3 KB)


Hey @Jonathan_Rabagliati ,

I can reproduce this. I just checked the code, in Rhino 7, text entities were referenced as Rhino text elements and converted accordingly. Looks like with Rhino 8, they added native support for Text Elements in Grasshopper. So this is not necessarily a regression.

We’ve added this to our backlog and tackle this together with support for newly added Grasshopper object types introduced in Rhino 8. In the meantime, you can still use Elefront to reference to text objects and send from there.

@gokermu Thanks for digging into this. Yes, it’d be great for Speckle to support many of the newly added Grasshopper Object types introduced in Rhino 8. TextEntity would be a good example to start with. SubD (introduced in Rhino 7) would also be great to add.


Incorporating support for native SubD can be quite complex. Currently, we have limited our SubD support to converting it into a Brep and sending it that way, which is the closest we can get to native in Rhino.

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