SubD Support in Rhino

I sympathize, but being able to send SubD’s at least from Grasshopper to Grasshopper and Rhino/grasshopper to Rhino/Grasshopper is part of our workflow on some projects. Not being able to send SubD’s has limited our ability to use Speckle for these workflows. In these cases we’ve had to restrict ourselves to sending meshes, but this is a workaround, and doesn’t allow sending for example crease data. Converting to Breps when going from Grasshopper to Grasshopper usually severs the data structures that we need to exchange for the workflow at the design phase. For sending to other software like Revit, I understand converting to Breps makes sense.

I appreciate that SubD has perhaps a smaller user base, and a heavier lift than Breps, but for some projects it is central to the workflow so shouldn’t be underestimated.

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I just moved this conversation to a new thread so that we can get a better idea of how many people are interested in SubD support. Thanks for your input!