Stream Revit model from 2020 to 2019

Would it be fair to say, if I want to do a video that shows someone how to stream a Revit model from 2020 to 2019, that it is technically ok to show it in 1.0?

Hey @j0hnp, you can do that, but only a few element types are supported currently:

  • walls
  • beams
  • columns
  • levels
  • grids
  • shafts
  • topography
  • floor
  • room
  • familyInstance (with limitations, eg no hosted elements)

The Revit client in 1.0 is the least mature connector we have (that’s why we never actually moved it out of alpha!). The 2.0 one will support many more types, but it’s still being developed :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!


Awesome stuff. I think I’ll get a video demonstrating some of the process tomorrow to share. Even with different Ui and versions, the thought process is there.

This idea came from a dude on twitter who has a pool modeled (walls floors, etc) in a later version and wants to migrate it down. :grin:


Saw that too :smiley: I’m slightly afraid on how Revit deals with pools - sounds like a dangerous thing - I hope no computational designers will be harmed in the process.

PS: Do give us a shout if things break. We’re still half supporting 1.0 conversion routines improvements.


And here it is! Thanks John :slight_smile:

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