Sending Walls and Rooms from Revit 2020 to 2019

Hi and thank you for this feature !
I made a test to stream a Revit model from Revit 2020 to Revit 2019, and I have got the an error about Units System :
The current Unit System is unsupported.
I’m using a Metric system, so I modified my units from meters to cm and it worked with Walls.

However it didn’t stream rooms. Any idea why ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ahmed, welcome to the forum!

What version of the connector are you using (you can see it from Manager of from the connector settings page)? The Units error makes me think it needs updating, please have a look and let us know!

Regarding rooms, thay can currently only be sent from Revit to Speckle but not from Speckle to Revit, see the compatibility matrix on our docs for reference.

Any other questions, just ask!

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Hi @teocomi and thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I am using latest version I believe :

Do you have any plans to integrate Rooms in Revit receviers ?
As for now, I found a solution by using Dynamo which works perfectly :


Ah great, that was fast! :rocket:

The issue with rooms is that they can only be created when there are bounding objects, so if you were to only send some rooms (revit to revit) we would have to create various roomBounding lines in the project, and that might be undesired.
Do you have any ideas on a better approach to this? If you can tell us a bit more about your use case we can think of a solution :slight_smile:

Regarding the Units issue, I think it was a problem with our release for 2019, would you mind installing the latest release of the revit connector (2.1.4-beta) and trying again? You might need to enable beta releases of the connectors from the Manager settings.



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As far as I know, Revit doesn’t require roomBounding lines to create, neither to place a room in a view.

I use Dynamo to create rooms in two ways :

  • Unplaced rooms: in this case it requires three main parameters: name, number and phase.
  • Placed rooms : in addition to the previous parameters, it requires a location (point).

In Speckle receivers, I see that all previous parameters are available to be used (as dictionaries which is great !). So I think it is possible to use the basic parameters as room name, number, phase and point to place rooms via the Receive option in Speckle for Revit ?

Regarding walls, thank you, I installed the new version and it is much more better in handling elements without changing units. :slight_smile:

However, I found a new issue which is geometry quality. (Please see below ). This is a screenshot from my Stream in Speckle Web. And another 2 screenshots from elements after I imported them to Revit 2019. Did you have any similar issues before ?
I suppose it is a because of project Coordinates? in this project w’ere using the real coordinates, which is really far from the Revit 0,0,0.

Plan view :

3D :

Ah! You’re right :slight_smile:
I thought that rooms placed without boundaries were a bit pointless, but I do see cases in which you might just want to schedule them, we can definitely add support for receiving rooms!

Regarding walls, first time I see such an issue! In theory, project coordinates are supported. Any chance you could share that model (or a portion of it) for us to test with (email:


Hey @a.halim ,

Quick note to say that we’ve added support for Rooms > Revit! This feature will ship in the next release due in ~1.5 weeks.

Sorry it took us a bit, but no one was too keen on touching the Revit API lately :wink:


Hi @teocomi , and thanks for this update.
Can’t wait to give it a try !

I’ll also send you a small portion of the model for the visual quality issue.
Thanks again

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