Sept'23 - Community StandUp!

Hey @Community !

Our next Community StandUp is just around the corner, and you can register for it here.

On September 27th, @alex will take you through our new Viewer API changes and updates, explaining how we’re offering you more flexibility to build customisable apps. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on these new changes that we believe will positively impact your experience with our Viewer library.

So, what are you waiting for? :partying_face:

Register today!

See you soon :star:


Now is your chance to shine @Insiders.

We are keen to hear from all of you who have been using Speckle Viewer as a Library as this changes and extends that experience as a primary motivation. This is an opportunity to shape the roadmap with what implementation details you’ll find most valuable.


Hey, this is happening tomorrow!!! :star_struck:


Hi Speckle Team

I have not received the meeting detail and the link yet. Have you already sent it to people?

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Yes, you should have it on your calendar! We will also send an email with the link to the event closer to the time. See you then!

Thanks @sendaspeckle i just received the invitation. I think it would be great to include the start time in the registration page as well.


Good shout! It’s been added, thank you @DY-Lim :slight_smile:


We’ll be sharing the recording in the coming days - just as soon as we can edit out @dimitrie’s potty mouth - gotta keep it PG or it gets flagged by the social media overlords.

Thanks so much for so many attendances - it makes building Speckle even more fun for us than it is already when we get your feedback and good vibes “in person”

We can’t wait to see what you might build with Speckle Viewer API 2.0

Links shared in the session:

:white_check_mark: available at: @speckle/viewer - npm

:open_book: Quick Reference available here

:running_man: Instantly runnable examples available in the Readme


Hey @Community,

Thank you to those of you who joined us yesterday. If you haven’t had a chance to, here’s the recording for you:

See you at the next meet-up!


Sorry but I was wondering if there is a location for us to post questions/bugs specific to the new API?

I have just noticed that if you enable showStats param the canvas height becomes bigger than the parent dom element by a height approximately the same size as the showStats panel.