"Revit cannot run the external application Speckle 2 for Revit" :(

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  • Objective: I am trying to test all aspects of Speckle to see if we can use it for managing large amounts of geometry and multiple projects in transport infrastructure programmes (again).

  • Issue: Fallen at the first hurdle - loading the Revit Plugin for Revit 2023 through the package installer.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Looking at your Revit toolbar, that is most likely due to a conflict with another installed plugin :frowning: and unfortunately there is very little we can do to help in these situations.

What I can suggest is to deactivate the other plugins until you pinpoint the conflicting one. To do so you can simply rename the other plugin manifests from samplerevitplugin.addin to samplerevitplugin.addin_disabled.

These are the directories to look at:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 20XX\AddIns\

To narrow your search even more, try finding the plugins that have a Revit.Async.dll file in their folder.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi @teocomi .
I have the same issue now with the latest Speckle 2 Revit addin in Revit 2024. It gets disabled at startup. Removing different plug-ins, I found that it was the Forma-plugin that caused the error. Any timeline on a fix for this? The plug-in is located in this folder:



Thanks for the report, @francis. This gives us something to work with. It is frustrating when it is an ADSK plugin that affects us, but this could also be just because they loaded first; it’s complicated.

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