New Connector Request (BricsCAD)

Hi, I think it would be a good idea to have a Brics CAD Connector. It is just like AutoCAD so am not sure if its an easy port or something thing, but I just wanted to point it out. Your consideration is much appreciated!


BricsCad did quite well in the poll running at the start of this year. :partying_face:

How are you using BricsCAD and which workflows do you think Speckle will help with?

Speckle can be used for collaboration, conversion, version control or other use cases. Knowing how BricsCAD fits into any of these for you and others can be useful information to determine what is a priority. :woozy_face:

Also welcome to the forum @blckgismo, feel free to introduce yourself and what cool things your are up to :heart_eyes: Introduce yourself 🙆


Yes, Bricscad please.

(in priority order)

My Work :
(mostly 3D only)
Architectural Visualization
BIM Modeling
CAD Modeling

My Apps :
CAD Vectorworks
CAD Bricscad
3D Blender
RT Twinmotion
3D Cinema4D
3D Modo
(RT Enscape)

My Client’s Apps / usual Import Data :

What I would like my Bricscad Connector to have :

  • lossless Geometry (2D/3D)
  • Geometry Structure
  • BIM Data
  • Render Materials
  • Render Textures
  • Render Cameras

(Less priority, Versions and Branches, as usually done in a single file.
Maybe by referenced files)

Desired Exchange :

  • Bricscad to Vectorworks (CAD/BIM/VIS) - 2 way
  • Bricscad to Revit (CAD/BIM) - 2 way
  • Bricscad to Twinmotion (CAD/BIM) - at least 1 way
  • Bricscad to Blender (BIM/VIS) - at least 1 way
  • Bricscad to Cinema4D (CAD/VIS) - at least 1 way
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I am very pleased to see this.
Even Number 2 on the vote list.

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Hey @zoomer :wave:,

Thanks for the detailed explanation of your workflow. I loved the enthusiasm. We had a very nice hackathon together with BricsCAD team, and we have a working POC. We’re now gathering resources to develop further.

Ha, that is absolutely great.
Sound like it will not come with V23 release (in 2 weeks) but maybe
V23.2 or with an update (?)

Looking forward to it.
As beside Blender, Bricscad would be a second Speckle-able App
that I have. Which would allow me finally to test and learn Speckle.


Probably the wrong thread or too old …

It was already discussed that Bricscad’s Speckle ambitions diminished.
But are there any updates on this or if any new Community driven exports
are ongoing ?

is there any slight realistic hope for a Bricscad Speckle connector
in the foreseeable future ?

100% this would be great