BriscCAD - Connector

Since Speckle already has AutoCAD connectors.
It would be beneficial for many users to include a BricsCAD connector.
Bricsys BricsCAD is one of the main major competitors to Autodesk’s AutoCAD.
Their program is optimized for multi-threads s compared to AutoCAD’s, which is a major speed benefit.
There support team is also very wonderful.


Hey Matthew, welcome to the forum and thanks for the suggestion!

We’d definitely want to support BricsCAD at some point, and ideally their developers would help us develop it. Do you have maybe a contact in there we could speak with?

Thanks wonderful news to hear you think its a good idea.
I do not have a contact directly, but you can reach out, they normally great correspondence.
Also the following might be of interest.
Contact us | Find your local BricsCAD® reseller | Bricsys?

“BricsCAD offers a CAD development platform to which you can port your AutoCAD®-based applications. Porting is easy: you don’t even have to modify any source code. And anyway: the BricsCAD team offers full technical support.”

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Hi Matteo,

I’m Ruben from Hexagon (the company behind BricsCAD).

Happy to hear you’re thinking of developing a connector with BricsCAD!

I’ve just sent you a mail to get in touch

@Racoon: Thanks for the positive feedback! :pray:

Best regards,



hi there @rubendecuypere, any advances on the connector for bricscad?

We haven’t picked it up yet, unfortunately - though we really want to. The Speckle team is quite stretched out supporting all the connectors we have already, but we’re planning to make this work. Sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

We might start scoping things first, in which case we’d like to talk with you - would you be up for a call after the easter break?