New connecter _ 3ds-max

If there any chance to develope connecter rhino to 3ds max
My regards , Mohammad Hussen

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Welcome to the community!!

Thanks for sharing your voice to the request.

This is very important to us in evaluating how best to expend our limited engineering resources.

Even more helpful is if you were to describe the workflow you would be enhancing with the 3DS Max Connector. I get rendering/visualisation pipelines, but from what data source and how often.

  1. Would data be moving uni-directionally or back and forth between apps? Are you looking to present the 3DS Max data online, or is it an end-point?

  2. Is this useful for Product Designers, Architects, Real Estate owners, BIM Managers, Computational Designers or the general public?

  3. Are there existing converter plugins that exist for the exchange you were seeking, or is this unmet by the software or 3rd party plugin ecosystem - Or does something exist but would be better met with Specklemagic™?

I know I am setting you more homework after inviting you to bring your question here, but these questions can sway development decisions.

Dear Jonathon , thanks for your interst
We would like data be moving back and forth between apps so i can easly edit me design in rhino then send to render by 3ds max
sometimes i start my basic model in rhino then send it to 3ds max to add some details then i need it again in rhino to make drwaings and documentations
So data be moving back and forth between apps will be so helpful
My regards .

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actually 3ds max is not as open as rhino, blender and other softwares in terms of developing some tools which allow us to transfer all model data even fbx export give very bad faces which are not that useful. but maybe someone will do the work. i think data from rhino to max is not an issue. i think 3ds max to blender then blender to rhino will be a good idea becoz 3ds max and blender are poly modelling software so the file conversion will be easier.


@Rajendra_Meena & @Mohammad_Hussen

In terms of roundtripping, to and from 3ds max more than once, any modifiers applicable in 3dsmax originally will effectively be baked, so a full reactive exchange may be unlikely.

Where geometry is authored elsewhere, and 3dsmax then applies modifiers/widgets/gizmos/whatchamacallits to that source, and the source geometry then changed is more like the sort of workflows Speckle could support.

Thanks for the further feedback. It is not on the immediate roadmap but has been a popularly requested Connection.

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