Rhino to 3ds Max — Groundbreaking connector for Archiviz Industry

Dear Speckle Developers and Community,

The Speckle is a phenomenally useful tool in various workflow. Especially, it became even more evident with Blender connector integration! But for the architectural visualization market, where 3ds Max+Vray/Corona still remains to be the “industry standard tool” for the majority of visualization offices all around the world. This is related to various reasons such as wide pool of 3d assets/materials/plugins that are in many cases proprietorial for the software stated above. Due to these factors, archiviz studious keep having the workflow which starts from receiving Rhino files from architectural offices and setting up the 3d scene in 3ds Max for the projects.

In the process of architectural project development, there are might be a lot of design back and forth that require a lot of effort in the file transfer and communication between architects and visualization studios. In most cases, this process is not automated and requires manual file conversion and transfer that is taking a decent portion of time both for architects and visualization studios. Implementation of a Speckle connector to 3ds Max will become an absolute game changer for the whole industry, making the process much faster and efficient for the huge amount of people all around the world!

I hope this topic will resonate with your vision of the future development of Speckle connectors and will help to make your incredibly useful tool even better.


Welcome to our community @Dennis_Karandiuk , I deinitely agree with you that a connector for 3ds max would be a great addition, as you can see here, it’s also been requested before:
Help us decide which connectors to develop next! :electric_plug:

We cannot promise any ETA on this, but maybe someone from the community will pick it up :star_struck:

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Hi! Is there any way for connector between 3Ds Max and Revit. I want to export a 3D model of a furniture from 3Ds Max to Revit family keeping materials and without too many meshes/ triangles

Hi @Avis_P , welcome here! We don’t have a 3ds max connector, but as you can see above it’s been requested before :slight_smile: