Grasshopper Connector

Do we need to await a new gh connector? I’m having a problem sending data to the test server from .gh components. But it works from the rhino connector.

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Apologies. The error reads “1. Solution exception:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index”

Hi @jjsolly

From the server logs, I see an error message Failed to find branch with name 7dc2d67f7f.

I’ll do a little more digging into this.


I can see that model does exist at Speckle so I assume the ID to be correct.

It seems that the GraphQL query being sent by the connector is using the model ID 7dc2d67f7f instead of the model (aka branch) name (which I think should be ExistingBuilding in your case).

Hi @iainsproat! - Speckle is the url in my browser. Did I do it wrong?

I think you are correct with this. It should be a straightforward fix. Watch this space.

Because the underlying infrastructure of and is shared, you can address the development server with FE1 links and then view in FE2. Its not ideal but if you are testing FE2 features, this might be an avenue til we sort this out.


For reference, the graphql query looks like this:

:white_check_mark: Rhino is sending the model (branch) name correctly:

:x: Grasshopper is sending the model (branch) ID instead:

@Pavol - the error message we display to the user could do with some :speckle: :heart: to make it clearer as to what the underlying problem is.


I mostly want to show a collaborator how our project might look on the latest update. So the idea of addressing with FE1 links works perfectly for now. Cheers for that!