Commit / Object Overlays & Frontend Update

Hey @Testers! So we’ve got some frontend updates that just landed on that we’d be happy if you actually get to try and break as hard as possible :hammer_and_wrench:

There’s quite a few changes throughout, but some highlights:

Viewer Filters

You can now filter things by their properties in the viewer. This includes two types of filters, one based purely on categories (coming from string-based props), and one based on numeric filtering (based on numeric props).

Below, an example of a numeric filter (by area).

You can also use the revamped data explorer on the left to toggle on and off various “layers” as they come out from the source.

Commit & Object Overlays

Finally you can overlay commits on top of each other in the viewer; you can also add objects too :ice_cube:

Extra features:

  • you can now open your selection in a new tab. This is particularly useful if you want to share just a specific small subset of the scene with someone. How to? Simply select multiple objects (holding down the shift key) and then click the open in new button!
  • you can also resize the left navigation bar in the viewer (commit or object pages)

Of course, commit and object overlays are reflected in the url, so you can easily share it with your colleagues! Here’s a fat one:

This wraps up the highlights! Any feedback is welcome 🙇‍♂️


Great stuff @dimitrie. But I couldn’t make it work on the Rooms stream from Revit :point_down:

Failed to get object properties from viewer.

Some features that are essential in my opinion:

  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) Removing an object is irreversible at the moment.
  • Cant collapse all the loaded commits/objects at the moment. So I have to slide all the way down to access filters. Collapsing them would make it a lot easier.
  • When multiple categories are hidden, isolating one category overrides visibilities and all the categories are visible again. Below gif shows what I mean.


Heya @gokermu, super thanks for your feedback. Good points all of them, and I’ll address them. Could you put in here the rooms stream from revit, or just share it with me and cristi on latest?

We’re light on keyboard shortcuts overall in the frontend, but if this is something you expect to happen, we can add it :slight_smile: So i get it right: you remove an object, you want to be able to re-add it easily? It might not be with a ctrl+z shortcut, but we can keep track of removed things and allow you from the ui to add them back.

Agreed :100: i initially tested with just a few commit overlays, when it’s fine - but indeed it does get messy when you have many objects.

Nice, i understand this; it’s a more complicated fix (we need to add a store to the app), but it’s needed. Currently filtering is a mess of cross-cutting global events (very bad practice :sweat_smile: ), and it needs to be cleaned up.

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Rooms stream from Revit is below :point_down::

As you said, it doesn’t have to be a keyboard shortcut but keeping track of removed things is what I meant.


Ping to @chloesun and @promontis who asked about merging multiple branches in the past :wink:.

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Now implemented!

It should make its way to latest soon if i’m not mistaken re our latest deployment strategies :slight_smile: Fixing the filtering issues around revit commits is in progress too, thanks to @cristi. We’ll get there :sweat_smile:

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… and this is now fixed! props are retrieved correctly. There’s been a bunch more fixes in the viewer, thanks to @cristi. There will be some behind the scenes fixes and improvements in how filters and visibility are stored/toggled, but those will come during this week.

Actually, since these are too boring to make it in a proper changelog/announcement, here’s the full list below of stuff that happened in this revamp:

  • :white_check_mark: (viewer) prevent default on clicks (annoying to select crap in page when double clicking objects)
  • :white_check_mark: (viewer) fix built elements having their baselines displayed
  • :white_check_mark:(viewer) weird ghosting sometimes (wireframe on?) on some things (can’t fucking reproduce anymore, missing the actual commit)
  • :white_check_mark: (viewer) unload, unload all should deselect stuff
  • :white_check_mark: (viewer) zoom extents should ignore hidden/ghosted objects
  • :white_check_mark: (viewer) viewer busy event would be easier if it’s coming from the viewer
  • (viewer) borkage on get object props:
  • :white_check_mark:(viewer) mobile pinch zooming is somehow borked, or has non-intuitive behaviour
  • :white_check_mark: (viewer) double clicking and clicking e.preventDefault() to prevent selection in other parts of the app
  • :white_check_mark: (viewer/conversions) keeping track of the tree: extra prop on objects with concatenated parent ids, so we can toggle/filter visibility easily from top down
  • TODO For later (extra) use the local indexdb in the frontend? mini client for it? pls?
  • TODO For later (extra) use the store luke for filtering stuff from the ui (currently it’s a mess of global events)
  • test embed app :white_check_mark:
  • overlay :white_check_mark:
    • new commits :white_check_mark:
    • objects :white_check_mark:
    • refresh url params :white_check_mark:
  • open in new :white_check_mark:
  • object page :white_check_mark:
  • sharing dialog → capture iframe etc. :white_check_mark:
  • main feed :white_check_mark:
  • no data states :white_check_mark:
  • commits page :white_check_mark:
  • global subscription notification toasts
    • stream, streams, feed :white_check_mark:
    • errors :sun_behind_rain_cloud: (partial)
  • toolbar responsiveness :white_check_mark:
  • admin pages :white_check_mark:
  • profile page :white_check_mark:
  • user profile page :white_check_mark:
  • stream feed :white_check_mark:
  • stream search :white_check_mark:
  • single navbar :white_check_mark:
  • fix dark mode initial setting :white_check_mark:

(sometimes, when the list is so long, we don’t raise issues for each and everything as it’s too depressing)


Hey @dimitrie,

I have couple ideas in regards to filtering and visibilities.

  1. Can I save visibility options I set? For instance I did hide roofs and ceilings in this commit. I want to do the same thing for another.
  2. Filter selecting elements by their property values. For instance I want to select and quickly examine “a room whose name equals to Admin”. Not only equals but other rules as well. (not equal, contains, doesn’t contain etc.) If that’s not something you are interested thats totally understandable.
  3. Can I change colors?

Hey @gokermu! Color changing is possible programatically, but it’s quite difficult to do currently. It’s backlogged, so to say :slight_smile:

Re 2) Adding multiple sequential filters is something we can do theoretically, but it’s a massive pain to implement it in the frontend in a nice way.

Re 1), the answer is not yet, but it’s something we will work on. It’s similar to Revit’s views, and it might be something we’ll store in our globals branch. Ideeas welcome!

Some priorties atm are:

  • fixing the way filtering is handled in the frontend (unifying events chaos with a store)
  • adding the filter in the url, so if you share the link it gets reapplied.

Awesome stuff! Great to see these developments on the front end. Looking forward to see where this is going (user commenting on streams, tabular? overview of all delta’s on objects between commits, …)!

A few small points to improve it even more:

  1. Sharing a stream URL with a filter applied is not pulling up the colors again. I think it would be nice if people can share stream URL’s with a filter applied so it is easy to share your view with someone. Example stream A: Speckle

  2. It’s possible to “break” URL’s when filtering. I used Example Stream A and isolated all the walls, then I created a filter based on family and colored them. This turned into a long URL, which isn’t working when pasting it in the browser (Firefox, Chrome and Edge all aren’t happy with it):

Error and Long URL

Error in chrome:

Long URL:,50.24195,26.34566,30.50038,7.78757,12.09931,0,1%5D&filter=%7B%22filterBy%22%3A%7B%22__parents%22%3A%7B%22includes%22%3A%5B%223a106588d9f78d01ded93ecc5575418b%22,%22bc06c38948fe3df2d3df59a0bb5c45c2%22,%229e7cafc37180becf83033f3aa7b4df65%22,%225265d4255bff2a064734ee698b8d9c70%22,%22fe104f25f023c0829f078d8b735f2315%22,%2212869819f7d008a0c169a3b39f0708d9%22,%220a839a20e57c2be4a60946ec4cba3597%22,%22f76dc8e5f0e0628ed4c1f45a30b20c60%22,%22312918cc3b3c228def6d09a586bd065b%22,%225c2fa3be2abedb710923c47904af7684%22,%223d79b197a562b1b11e1da036b043205a%22,%226fe671db82e5179cff9c11b5cd717a08%22,%22019b8c4610e3bae2df78728feac7b3bf%22,%222fdd895df0eb0c9fe2f6f60a271be68b%22,%229c6edd68b0f9cdd3e0341684afc1a8f9%22,%22e75fc07aa94803ea9cbe3b8cb86211a0%22,%22b08a7e7e1f31cfca5a761364e7bce416%22,%2252c3662f454b5fde913f1876a82ecd50%22,%229ed1e0f6d07f63665449c46fe08eff9c%22,%22c9c92b02facdbfb56f0b50dded72e8b8%22,%22b3c1f894a6f5b5cea29aa4b45596c738%22,%224efeec7328821d3d4849eb0b041fdc70%22,%22b6739b4b3700c96911d2fcc381724471%22,%224363f77e9526889ccf3d1037799d08ed%22,%22167d6a66f073aad5f5ee9c8f5344a881%22,%228977f44e01f548c45a5a320ec5c276fe%22,%22ce4716cd05b98f5a709d691e57193514%22,%22f8d79d0d119ba96ef16378bf5514c7bc%22,%2299f98a56f6da7b95b46143c5651413e0%22,%22facb1d0ea321ad5983d288aad36ded8d%22,%22ac9a12d815507d72475880fb0d9eda0f%22,%223cce73cc7a2faa99737cd8f89e5f8e44%22,%22f7137f45da586c583b81f7658cf7cb53%22,%22b5758d7df2185e36edfa4bd4333a61bd%22,%2296f5888be26f8e5d83ae5036c86a7147%22,%224f870d68b0312bfdaa2875589610afa4%22,%22ef253555b7d43e47fc916f1044b8e2c7%22,%227c744945834f773d5478601660fc0211%22,%22068cc917fe38cd46c0488994fd8c78c7%22,%22c16df228a6a121e178273c273837c4ed%22,%22644d4f535f4f6c5efee083b9f4fc5ce0%22,%22eb2f2c3f9b4603af2e3c263520f7e1b0%22,%224a7bd5b9c7a2563e586446df38906d80%22,%222e452cf6c4fa4e040538a9cfa03a7739%22,%22fd7082ed32ef04ff43929917f745c204%22,%222a79dde434977fc7a3390faeb72ffb94%22,%22e53500162834e81e048a9771615ea543%22,%22227a376c43e7b7465fdfd2287acf322e%22,%226ed38998193929b8cb8a56ea71469db7%22,%22553e296adacad58729fcb89e60e5be76%22,%226ead42bc35929917e8fedc580d993de7%22,%226cfe66660566bd5432ce920524591430%22,%22bee400834181c634b114b23c97d0c656%22,%221b434e0600c127d3c164f5b243b017cd%22,%223c4c3e780db515ac0b40f6caf1340018%22,%22793d6923a1eced96926c3fb3dc2d5284%22,%22a687bfbd80d57175ea0e8f411f951105%22,%227fa63a6e027d6c371e98ba86a7f66f54%22,%2258e2f7c5c1614f7027c64897dcc2b974%22,%22bc0aa48bf4b82d198ad208ee93327e39%22,%22ddc91f9ab4408ae0ef57940ecaa70454%22,%2262856ddec190b57fb9d48192d79681a7%22,%220f4da8c8a51548430f27f46438d605d9%22,%222ba96588c55d0d896d0932b4b53e57db%22,%22f56e727f44e80516bd4ec26d3c934e91%22,%228479bab6e7d6dc7d5852400ebbe5b110%22,%22d528a28004d06f221b7e466d5e7699a0%22,%224b0a965255b3d29964a11a8e19ff17e7%22,%22ec113135f0f3c670650b574c6d6ff19c%22,%22b101fd8a0aeadcdb22f374aa5d1f31bf%22,%220450690c9d56c036899b2cb7166ac9a8%22,%2239ecf16401f9c77fb4470f3edfa7c8fa%22,%22fccf544c0c46bb942283195805f4237a%22,%2212e4fc2c59e250f135dd3c7038594c6e%22,%2256a25466cb15120fef67556d19f0f7e0%22,%220946ffa3744c4a382407de13d98c3b21%22,%2247b2d59de39800867e3767d1390c7c9b%22,%220ba04da202a36f65adc014e5d79d3b76%22,%2223ec8ddd7ef395336fbc0fcb8517c019%22,%22a950c6cb19143ae86e777d3d7371b32b%22,%22a2e5ddde2f5aafdf9e73f2653eb34598%22,%2219225f294b94c07c0958ece56b87c482%22,%22d2e2cd25f51b618f414aece8dae23c87%22,%221bbc36dcb52586c6386d2c7d7655edb6%22,%22a094f3f914bda692dc73de68415f8973%22,%226f7213e32fad36980b083a7ac8e91123%22,%22ee9a1f7fd24b0c8d7e5faef521afc916%22,%221318ca220e8fc9c2e57b447bb1b0726b%22,%2292f19bc7d97ca800f51ee6865f729e5a%22,%22a18ada99b87b36354b3feae7fcd9f672%22,%2218d95658619eaf461261f0bc0d701307%22,%2225d4d33af4f2315d83264f1e1da7a046%22,%22e1efb4f6306028071a1151eaf8651bc7%22,%223e87a9d9b4b91aaec126a8cc2ba5d653%22,%2262d7e5ed3767c5dea81cd34ecbb9b631%22,%220ac30bde049ca4a6e4f037f0b6091040%22,%2254d85d5627105de8f4fbc27cb1825845%22,%22e06518444226f98707d1c87eacc95c97%22,%22e13a649075001c5d9d07f45ccd81caca%22,%22ac0d1ec185c1052da7d17933c08d8e73%22,%22bc35639439ead860494dd068d81b28ab%22,%222c98c4d4d78a63a3df357f47ffcf74c3%22,%22edee105581f46806730049cfb112ada3%22,%22923402ac1066faad82dc82a5dc07860c%22,%228574e36a7690d9799f6ec2176132559b%22,%2273796f6fefeef07790d8f6b8d604f496%22,%22a8a09e37fc30e6855f62a4da0b5859c5%22,%220bc3bffd5668ee1bf5a46461f6ba793a%22,%226f4b845fb28ff40749e66bc216b6167c%22,%22da991c169c43f7b6371100dee7bf0fd3%22,%22ef6769414b4fa8dd940f1fa83e1740d4%22,%222ea5dfd8df236fabdd3c55fa0c73c243%22,%22c37072267ada59a4fbec7319db7685b4%22,%220b8aeeff65be62e53e9b0bd802ad305b%22,%2289a0451936ba52669307ec2b3a40d22a%22,%22f67f3a91041f17722ecb2c89d77397b2%22,%2208b4164bb97c4f70b2f07f3dd81690d0%22,%226ae36f826197809e9ed503ad3aab0af1%22,%2298aea4cc82531a465906b2f8c9bb1bc0%22,%22ed3c82c5c6edbb87c5f97300a6065beb%22,%222f6682224cac8abed3c95632cd6769f9%22,%22957f6cda33df2076ff1f66b4e51d6b6a%22,%2231073bda0ca8605be4218f9809b86518%22,%22130dfdfca725d5f4c24ea705a6320763%22,%2258e74890f7270383c85aa56abd2384e2%2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  1. When in dark mode, line models are a bit difficult to see when filtering because the lines turn very dark. Next to that, coloring the lines isn’t working (filtering works, so the filtered objects are hidden). Example stream B: Speckle

  2. Would it be possible to set a specific value for the sliders (maybe double clicking on one?) so a user has more control over it?

  3. When following an URL that contains a specific filter (see example stream B) the objects are filtered but the sliders aren’t put to the correct place. So it looks like this:
    But it should be like this:


I’m cataloging some problems with viewing isolated objects with visible section box.

  • With section box visible the isolated elements always appear but the ghosted non-isolated elements appear or disappear through an ‘active’ box plane (1)

  • Rotating a view with section box plane active and isolated elements causes browser crashes. Difficult to debug as the Chrome task manager also freezes.

On the crash: browser and OS? I’d assume chrome on windows. Sounds like a graphics issue, so i’d even ask… video card, driver versions, etc.

On the section box with isolated elements: we felt that it’s nice to leave the non-filtered elements in, ghosted, without the section box cutting them. Interesting aesthetic choice, but perhaps not cool?

Edit post screen recording update:

Ah, so basically selecting a section box face to drag kills chrome? I defo can’t reproduce that. Is there anything in the console when that happens?

For the crash yes, Brave on Windows (so yes, chrome) Though it is intermittent and just so happens that I luckily captured it. The browser eventually jettisons the Tab which could suggest a memory leak (v. hard to debug)

For the visible objects through selected pane glitch this happens on both Windows and Mac

Windows is running on Macbook Pro

The console shows nothing other than the normal console.log chatter of byte arrays?


Looks like I can’t color objects by Level property. I think something is off with Levels. I can’t isolate them either.

For some reason, the viewer assigns the same color to multiple options. See the pic below👇:

And when isolation is active, I can’t see active selection when it’s under other objects. See the recording below👇:

Hey @gokermu, thanks for reporting these! I’ve added this in our viewer backlog. A link to the commit with the offending levels could be helpful - theoretically this should work :cry:

I added you as a contributor.

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I couldn’t find this commit in there, where the levels do seem to be badly handled. The colors being too similar, from the second one, is something we’ll work on. They’re randomly generated from the name of the property, but perhaps there’s something better we can do there.

“Add by object URL” hint doesn’t show in the front. It stays behind the window. Not that important but just saw it.