Commit / Object Overlays & Frontend Update

Hey @Testers! So we’ve got some frontend updates that just landed on that we’d be happy if you actually get to try and break as hard as possible :hammer_and_wrench:

There’s quite a few changes throughout, but some highlights:

Viewer Filters

You can now filter things by their properties in the viewer. This includes two types of filters, one based purely on categories (coming from string-based props), and one based on numeric filtering (based on numeric props).

Below, an example of a numeric filter (by area).

You can also use the revamped data explorer on the left to toggle on and off various “layers” as they come out from the source.

Commit & Object Overlays

Finally you can overlay commits on top of each other in the viewer; you can also add objects too :ice_cube:

Extra features:

  • you can now open your selection in a new tab. This is particularly useful if you want to share just a specific small subset of the scene with someone. How to? Simply select multiple objects (holding down the shift key) and then click the open in new button!
  • you can also resize the left navigation bar in the viewer (commit or object pages)

Of course, commit and object overlays are reflected in the url, so you can easily share it with your colleagues! Here’s a fat one:

This wraps up the highlights! Any feedback is welcome 🙇‍♂️


Great stuff @dimitrie. But I couldn’t make it work on the Rooms stream from Revit :point_down:

Failed to get object properties from viewer.

Some features that are essential in my opinion:

  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) Removing an object is irreversible at the moment.
  • Cant collapse all the loaded commits/objects at the moment. So I have to slide all the way down to access filters. Collapsing them would make it a lot easier.
  • When multiple categories are hidden, isolating one category overrides visibilities and all the categories are visible again. Below gif shows what I mean.


Heya @gokermu, super thanks for your feedback. Good points all of them, and I’ll address them. Could you put in here the rooms stream from revit, or just share it with me and cristi on latest?

We’re light on keyboard shortcuts overall in the frontend, but if this is something you expect to happen, we can add it :slight_smile: So i get it right: you remove an object, you want to be able to re-add it easily? It might not be with a ctrl+z shortcut, but we can keep track of removed things and allow you from the ui to add them back.

Agreed :100: i initially tested with just a few commit overlays, when it’s fine - but indeed it does get messy when you have many objects.

Nice, i understand this; it’s a more complicated fix (we need to add a store to the app), but it’s needed. Currently filtering is a mess of cross-cutting global events (very bad practice :sweat_smile: ), and it needs to be cleaned up.

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Rooms stream from Revit is below :point_down::

As you said, it doesn’t have to be a keyboard shortcut but keeping track of removed things is what I meant.


Ping to @chloesun and @promontis who asked about merging multiple branches in the past :wink:.

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