IFC to PostgreSQL

Interoperability trought BIM to GIS.

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Can you further explain what do you mean by IFC to PostgreSQL?

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Funnily enough, I can provide a bit of extra detail here: this is exactly what happens when Speckle processes and IFC file :slight_smile:

The long story short:

  • you upload an ifc file and speckle starts processing it server-side with the web-ifc parser
  • we compose the ifc’s spatial structure tree and insert all ifc elements, with their display value and metadata
  • we subsequently store each individual object in postgres :tada:


Check it out here: Speckle

Hi! I´m an Architect from Colombia and I am curios about the interoperability between BIM (IFC) AND GIS (Webservice). Thank you for the reply so soon. I think what Dimitrie answered involves what a tried to ask. I´d like to know more about the process with IFC and GIS. Where can I learn about the process that Dimitrie explain?