Your Voice Matters: Evolving and Enhancing the Navisworks Connector!

Hello Speckle Community!

As we celebrate the one-year milestone of our Navisworks Connector’s alpha release and look at the path to Beta status and beyond, I invite you to share your valuable insights and experiences.

Before officially joining the Speckle team, I worked on developing the Navisworks connector in my free time - it was a personal mission fueled by my own needs and insights into this vibrant community. Many of the deliberations can be found here on the forum.

Since the official release, your input has shaped the connector’s evolution, turning it into a tool that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of our users.

As we scope the next phase of the Navisworks connector’s development, now, as part of the Speckle team, I am even more committed to ensuring that our development aligns with your expectations and requirements.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. Success Stories: Share how the Navisworks connector has positively impacted your projects. Your achievements can inspire and guide further enhancements.
    Success Stories: We’re especially eager to hear about your achievements using the Navisworks connector. Your stories serve as inspiration and help us understand the tool’s impact. Examples could include:

    • Power BI Visualization: Have you used the connector to feed data into Power BI for advanced visualizations or analytics? Share how this integration has enhanced your data analysis capabilities.
    • Enhanced Design Reviews on the Web: Tell us about your experiences conducting design reviews using data from the connector. How has this improved your review process or collaboration?
    • Unlocking Legacy Data into Authoring Applications: We’re interested in hearing if you’ve managed to bring legacy data into current authoring applications via the connector. How has this impacted your workflow or project efficiency?
    • Cross-Platform Data Integration: Have you used the Navisworks connector to integrate data across different platforms or software environments? This could include syncing data between design tools or managing project information more effectively.
    • Innovative Custom Use Cases: Are there any unique or innovative ways you’ve utilized the connector that we haven’t considered? Maybe you’ve developed a custom workflow or used the connector in a novel context.

    Your stories and experiences, whether they align with these examples or are entirely different, are invaluable to us. They showcase the connector’s capabilities and guide us in tailoring it to better suit your needs.

  2. Feedback on ‘Send Only’ vs Potential Receiving Capabilities: Initially, we opted for a ‘send only’ approach. However, we’re now exploring the possibility of receiving data in Navisworks from Speckle. How would this shift benefit your work? Think about:

    • Synchronization of comments from external platforms.
    • Displaying results of automation.
    • Augmenting data outside the source host application.
  3. Challenges and Improvement Areas: What challenges do you face with the current version? What improvements would you like to see, especially considering the potential new receiving functionalities?

  4. Educational Content Needs: With evolving capabilities, we recognize the need for updated tutorials and use cases. What specific topics or scenarios would aid your understanding and utilization of the connector?

  5. General Feedback and Suggestions: Any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Whether it’s a feature request, user interface feedback, or anything else, we value your perspective.

How to Participate:

  • Share your stories, challenges, ideas, and feedback in this thread.
  • Feel free to include any relevant images, links, or videos.

What’s Next?

  • We’ll actively engage in this thread, respond to your input, and discuss your ideas.
  • Your feedback will directly influence our development roadmap, helping us create a Navisworks connector that truly meets your needs.

Your involvement is crucial in driving forward our mission of innovating AEC through open, collaborative digital delivery. We look forward to your unique stories and insightful feedback!


Hi @jonathon
I’m looking forward to this!

I’m very interested in following this thread and will definitely contribute from our side. I will come back here with some ideas and workflows that would be interesting to explore, and I’m also excited to receive knowledge from other users of Speckle and Navisworks.

Our current approach is to find a workflow for reviewing (validating) metadata on objects, extracting and utilizing data (Pbi, QT, etc.). It is also interesting to be able to enrich or map data of models in Speckle, as you mentioned (Automate?).

Additionally, further exploration of design review would be of interest, of course. And many other use cases.

Hey @jonathon,

for me, the ability to receive in Navisworks would make a world of difference.
It would allow us to use speckle as a central point in our collaboration loop, and making use of the powerfull tools that are already there! In here we can also invite third parties to send us models, without the hassel of making everything compatible. This would also allow us to do controlled clashtests on the models and publish our federated models to the client, and thus meeting our contractual requiremenets.

I saw that in the notes of your recent call with @Agi .

There are various forms that “Receive” could take, such as syncing augmented data back to the source, comments, viewpoints, etc.

But I suspect you mainly desire the path to issuing an NWD that aggregates data, some of which are from Speckle source.

To manage expectations, the theoretical mechanism is understood because of the separate ways Converters are handled in Navis (only operating on Files at append time; there is a lot of investigation required if this is something we even wish to tackle). It’s on a very long list of Navis possibilities but is not near the top.

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That is indeed one of my main goals.
I have tried to do some things with navis in the past but I am not familiar enough with the API to make sense of it.
Have you checked out the ‘issue add-in’ of autodesk? it works directly on the ACC coordinate function.
works well enough i think

Hey guys! I was about to create a feature request, but I figured this thread might be the best place for my question concerning the Navisworks connector.

I typically work with teams of trade contractors who will update their models a few times per week depending on the coordination meeting schedule, all of which are saved to a shared network drive and federated in Navisworks. The current dilemma with using the Speckle Navisworks connector is each linked model file in the federated model needs it’s own stream. Attempting to stream the entire model in one stream takes forever (typically fails), and is not practical for really heavy NWFs.

If sending the entire model to Speckle is impractical/not feasible, the ideal situation would be to have a button in the connector that would update all model streams in the project. It could loop over each model stream and push a new commit without having to send each individual model stream manually. Each model stream’s “selection” (i.e. selected elements, set, viewpoint) would probably need to be saved locally, so it can be referenced during the next stream update. The names/paths of the linked model files typically don’t change during the coordination process, so just saving the local paths might work…

tldr: I wanna big button that will “update all model streams”, so I can smash it after every meeting and go walk my dog, get a coffee, and ready poetry under a tree or something.

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Great suggestion. We’re looking at desktop connectors afresh across the board right now, and this could be an interesting potential inclusion.

Are you already saving your selections as they link to different models per screengrab?

So you want to press each of these in order virtually.

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