Unable to start localhost:3000


I am having some trouble setting up the local environment. I hope you can help me out. Thank you very much.

I am trying to run the Speckle server on my local environment (Mac M1 - Ventura). I have followed the development documentation, which instructs me to run ‘yarn dev’. However, when I navigate to ‘localhost:3000’, I encounter the following error: “An error occurred while trying to proxy: localhost:3000/”. Interestingly, the application works on ‘localhost:8081’, but the layout is different from speckle.xyz.

So, my question is: what is the difference between ‘localhost:3000’ and ‘localhost:8081’? It appears that ‘8081’ is running ‘frontend2’. Is ‘frontend2’ the latest version? Should I be running the app on ‘localhost:3000’ instead of ‘localhost:8081’?

I apologize for my confusion regarding ‘frontend’ and ‘frontend2’, as both of them seem to be operational. Your assistance in clarifying this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
Ken L

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Hi @kenleung

Welcome to Speckle’s community, feel free to introduce yourself to the community on our introductions thread - we’d love to know more about what you’re using Speckle for and what you wish to see from Speckle. It’s great to see that you’re trying to run Speckle and I’m sorry to read that you encountered this issue.

The error regarding proxying may be related to a known issue with IPv6 addresses on mac machines (see this thread for more details. We have introduced a fix for this that is available if you are using the source code (HEAD commit of main branch on GitHub) or will be available in the next official release of Speckle server. You may have to update any .env files that were created already to match the latest .env.example files.

Frontend 2 is the latest version, which is available as a pre-release for testing - you can read more about it on our blog. Both are operational and can be used interchangeably (they both connect to the same backend components), though there are some features of Frontend 1 (port 8081) that are not yet available on Frontend 2 (port 3000), such as the administration panel and webhooks (to be delivered very soon!).

Hope this helps clarify matters, and let me know if frontend1 still isn’t working for you.


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Hi again @kenleung - another report with the same symptoms has been made - see Error while trying open frontend running on 3000. If it is the same problem, my initial assumption about the underlying cause in my previous reply is incorrect. We’ll investigate this issue.

Can you try running yarn dev just from the server and frontend packages, in two separate terminal tabs? This might help us narrow down things.

Hi iainsproat,
Yes i believe the is the same issue we had. thanks for ur quick responds. will keep an eye on that report. thanks

Hi Dimitrie

Thanks for ur reply,
I had try to run yarn dev on server and frontend packages, i had the same result as this

I found that if i kill the server and keep the frontend running by itself,
I will be able to access http://localhost:3000/
Not sure if that helps you narrow it down.


Hi @kenleung - it appears that we may have identified the root cause of this issue, please see the other discussion for more details: Error while trying open frontend running on 3000 - #16 by gjedlicska

Please let us know if that works for you.


Thanks iainsproat for your help. will look into the solution in the following discussion. thx

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