Errors when trying to setup speckle-server local development environment

We’re trying to setup a local development environment by following the steps outlined in Local development environment | Speckle Docs

Step 5 yarn dev:docker:up seems to run fine, all the dev containers seem to run ok,
but when running Step 10 yarn dev when running the workspaces we run into the following errors:

the preview-service and fileimport-service workspaces have the following errors:

the webhook-service has the following error

System Information
Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1
Intel i7 CPU

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Hey @sushen,

welcome to the Speckle Community, please feel free to introduce yourself

thanks for the report, this is caused by nodejs from version 18 defaults to using ip6 addresses which in some cases, mostly on macOS and some linux distros fails to resolve to the running services.
I’ve added some fixes in this PR

Please make sure that in all packages where we have a .env.example file, to copy and rename them locally to .env files. Otherwise you might get some port conflicts.

Hope this fixes your issue.


Hey @gjedlicska,

Thank you very much for the fix we can now get the local env running.