Trusses from Revit to Microstation

Hi Speckle-Community and Specklers,

Similar to this post but for another partial project of this big project, we want to use Speckle as a transporter for pure geometry from Revit to Microstation. The trusses are usually an issue for Speckle, as I believe that this category is not yet implemented, but by hiding the trusses, it exports the beams linked to them without error. We will also have issues later on with the bracings, which are I believe also not yet integrated into Speckle.

The SHS cross-sections (diagonals) of Revit:

are not shown in Speckle (in our own deployment):

We are using the latest Speckle Server 2.7.2 and the latest Revit Convert 2.7.5
Gruppe 2.rvt (1.5 MB)

Thank you for taking a look at it :slight_smile: .

And BTW: the Viewer is actually handling it pretty well :sunglasses:! This is quite impressive … works also with all other branches (=Building Storeys) switched on!

We are not in a hurry with this to solve it, but it would be good in case you are able to look at it.
Later this week we will try to import it into Microstation and see how this is going … hopefully we get rid of the IFC Export/Import :roll_eyes:

@Reynold_Chan: We are trying the Tekla Connector again end of this week for the other big shop.

Thank you and all the best,

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Thanks for the Report @AlexHofbeck !
Seems like there are two issues:

  • need to add support for trusses (we might initially support it only Sending from Revit, and then also Receiving)
  • some cross sections do not have any mesh representation

@connor might be able to help with these and if they’re quick things we might even include them in our upcoming 2.8.

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@AlexHofbeck If I understand correctly, all you want is for the geometry of the trusses to be preservered, but the web elements are just showing up as lines. Thanks for sharing the model, it was very helpful. This issure turned out to be a really simple fix that you can see in this stream here. This feature will be released with version 2.8 that is scheduled to be released later this week or early next week.


:rocket: … You guys are crazy fast!

Thank you @connor and @teocomi!!!


That’s passion for you! :heart_eyes:

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It did the trick :slightly_smiling_face: ! Thank you for integrating it @connor!!!

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As a slight addendum, one needs to uncheck the Revit trusses in the visual graphics override of the Revit view and needs to make sure to not select them for the upload. If the trusses are transferred, the structural framing elements will not be shown in the Speckle Viewer … but of course, we want them to :slight_smile: