Tekla Trusses to Revit - some trusses don't want to go through the ether

Hello everyone,

for a big industrial project we have a lot of trusses, which we need to transfer from Tekla to Revit. We have decided to not import it via IFC or the RVT Exporter of Tekla but via Speckle.

As only the geometry is necessary for the Architects (clashing and linking of structural elements for drawings) we decided to import the geometry as a “mesh to direct shape” via Dynamo. The idea is that the colleagues regularly update the trusses by hitting the sync button in Dynamo.

The issue we are now having is, that the Speckle Tekla connector doesn’t transfer everything to the cloud. I can provide you with the Tekla file, showing the bad apples. Please let me know via PM, as it is a bit too big for the upload (although we have already reduced its size :wink: ).

As I’m already on it … I know this is an alpha connector … some feedback for you guys and gals :slight_smile:

After opening the connector:

  • the property tab of Tekla is not working anymore
  • Operations like creating beams are not usable or cannot be closed
  • profiles in Tekla cannot be deleted

Maybe this is also a user mistake on our side, but might be of interest to you if it is not on your radar. Sadly I don’t know for sure, as I’m not having a Tekla license at hand. If you are interested, we can schedule a meeting :slight_smile:

All the best and thank you,


Hi @AlexHofbeck ,

Thanks for bearing with the Tekla Structures and the feedback. You can message me directly PM and we can schedule a meeting to go through this directly.

We’re also working a Mesh to Direct Shape option import for Revit to help ease that workflow easier. You can see the discussion here: Option to recieve direct Meshes for Objects? . So you don’t need to go through the dynamo workaround