Performance Checks Rhino/GH/Revit

Dear Specklers,

in the past, we took a look at the send/receive of Tekla to Revit regarding performance and time.
Tekla Trusses to Revit - some trusses don’t want to go through the ether - Help - Speckle Community

One of my colleagues now took a look at Speckle regarding Rhino/GH/Revit and benchmarked it against Konstru from TT. It is a big roof with 17000 steel members for a car production plant, but geometry wise nothing out of the ordinary. My colleague used the latest set of connectors and we used our own deployment.

Revit > Speckle - 7 mins
Speckle (Revit) > Revit - 18 mins
Speckle (Revit) > Rhino - 11 mins
Speckle (GH) > Revit - 2 hours
Speckle (GH) Send = - 1 min

Revit > Konstru - 15 min
Konstru > Revit - 20 min
GH > Konstru - crashes

In general not so much difference between both platforms, which is actually quite nice … we will probably never reach the performance of Rhino.Inside but if the duration is acceptable for the user, this should not be the problem. Interesting is the duration for the GH Receive into Revit, which took 2h … especially as the receive Revit to Revit took 18mins.

Would be cool if you could take a closer look at the GH to Revit send-receive in the upcoming release(s). We can also provide you with examples, in case you need something from us. Hope this feedback helps you in further improving the connectors.

Thanks in advance! Best,


Hi @AlexHofbeck

Thank you very much for this benchmark. It’s great to see that Speckle is able also large projects.

Receiving Grasshopper models from Speckle to Revit shouldn’t take this long and we will definitely have a closer look in the coming release. Could you please drop me a DM with the sample files?

Thank you again for your contribution to the community and we will have more news on this soon.


Hi Pavol, I totally forgot about this and did not send the model. Here is the model of what we did our benchmarking on. (1.5 MB)