Transport failed

i need help in this error when sending by speckle connector on revit 2024.1
speckle.core.transports .transportException - RemoteTransport transport failed

Hi @Hassan_Al_Emary ,

it’s hard to tell what’s happening without more information. Could you share a small, sample Revit model replicating the issue? Any more details on what you are trying to achieve would be great.

these screenshots explain what happens.

Thanks @Hassan_Al_Emary which version of the Speckle Connector for Revit do you have installed?

Which Speckle server are you attempting a send to, and is this a personal PC or operating behind a network/vpn/firewall etc.

@Hassan_Al_Emary, another thought - can you confirm that if sending only a smaller selection of elements then you don’t have the same problem?

Or if you send exactly the same content multiple times, does it succeed eventually?