Transferring Problem

I have a Revit model that shows the following error when transferring the file from Revit to speckle, considering that the system firewall is turned off, what solution do you suggest?

Second, if I want a part of the project to be shown transparently in Power BI when selected and clicked, what should I do?
Thank you for your help

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Hi @hnouri,

This issue might have occurred due to firewall rules that are blocking Speckle from establishing a secure connection. One possible reason for this error could be that there is a firewall rule that is preventing outbound activity from Revit since we are running inside it.

Can you please confirm which version of the Revit connector you are using? If you are using an older version, I suggest you upgrade it. This might help resolve the issue.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately before writing this post, I searched and I had turned off my firewall.
Revit version 2022 and connector version 2.18.4
And unfortunately, there is still an error with your suggested method.

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Can you share your logs please? It should be under %appdata%/Speckle/Logs inside Revit folder.

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There are a few URLs the connectors need access to; if it’s not a firewall issue, it could be a VPN or other corporate setting blocking access to them.

If you’re using a corporate/work computer, please ask IT to unblock the following ones: FAQs | Speckle Docs

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May I have your email address to send you the logs file?

You can send us a DM here on the forum or use hello @


I’m sure the IT hasn’t blocked the [FAQs | Speckle Docs]

I still have this problem and couldn’t find a solution. There is still an error in the image of the first post.

Hey @hnouri

Can you please open the default sample Revit project (or another project) and try to send a small selection of objects from Revit? Try multiple times to send the same objects.

Moreover, what other connectors have you installed?

Let us know how it goes.

OK. I was able to successfully transfer the sample of another project that I had worked on in the Revit to Speckle, but the previous model still cannot be transferred after testing on different systems of the company.

Thanks for the log @hnouri ! I can see it’s not a network issue, as some objects are sending successfully.

My guess is that some other objects in your model might be too large and are failing to send for that reason, would you be able to share the file with us? We can of course sign an NDA if needed.
Alternatively, you could try to find the problematic objects by just sending portions of your model by selection, and just share those with us.

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Hello @hnouri,

Thank you for sharing the Revit file with us. I was able to open the file and publish it to Speckle without any issues. I have shared the Speckle Model URL with you privately. I used Revit 2022.1. Maybe installing hotfixes for Revit 2022 help resolve this?

Let me know if this helps.

Hey, @hnouri, after further investigations, we’ve found the root of the problem.

There seem to be many hidden parameters attached to the Project Information of your model, I think they contain information that comes from a 3rd party addin probably. These parameter’s content is huge (maybe there are some images?) and it’s failing to serialize correctly.

We’ll release a hotfix soon to ignore such properties, for now as a workaround you could remove them, or simple copy your model inside a new Revit project.

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This issue has been fixed in our upcoming release, @hnouri you can test it here: Speckle 2.19 Release Candidate

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