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Hello. First i want to cangratulate Speckle developers for the great job.
I don´t know if it exists on last version of Speckle (I´m running a Speckle 2.8.3 server droplet from Digital Ocean) but should be very nice to have:

  • Measurements in Web View

  • Controllers from grasshopper (I understand its harder to implement becouse it needs rhino compute to make the calculations)

  • Retrieve mesh color from grasshopper geometry automatically


Thanks and welcome to the Community . If you want to and if you have time, please do
:person_gesturing_ok: Introduce Yourself :people_holding_hands:.

  1. Great suggestion. It’s not on the roadmap right now but we’d welcome feedback from anyone who’d find that useful.

  2. By Controllers do you mean sliders/toggles etc? I’d love to know more about what you want to achieve.

  3. Mesh colors applied to Grasshopper should already be applied and visible in the viewer. The below commit was entirely GH created.

Or am I missing what you are asking???

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The controllers i mean the sliders and other inputs.
About the textures i will open the GH file from the chess board model, probably i miss something, thanks.

For clarity, there is no support for texture mapping. Those are all applied mesh color maps. I attached the GH definition as a demo.

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