Speckle.XYZ - Tagging Streams / Folder Structure

Hi guys🖐,

Having all the streams in the same location makes it a bit hard to find what you are looking for. I’m sure you though about it but I think having some sort of Folder Structure📁 for streams would be great.

Tagging🏷 or adding properties to streams -like in notion- can also be a good idea (I think). What do you guys think about it🤔?


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Hello @gokermu !

Good feedback here :slight_smile: Yes, something like this has been mentioned before, it’s not been added to our roadmap yet, but I’ll discuss it with the team and keep you posted!
I’m personally in favour of tags as it gives much more flexibility IMO.

If curious, see related convos below:

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Thanks @teocomi,

I actually checked if there was another thread on this topic😅. However I haven’t seen these. And yes, tags give a lot more flexibility. Thanks for replying👊