Speckle SAP or Speckle Tekla Structures

Hello, structural speckle community.

As ETABS continues its development, it’s good to keep in mind that more structural connectors will be coming. As of now, there seems to be a lot of popular demand for a [Tekla structures connector] (Tekla connector)

While Tekla structures are definitely on our radar, I was wondering whether anybody here would prefer to have an SAP connector first before the rollout/development of a Tekla connector. In terms of workflow that would be supported by the SAP connector, please let me know if there are any specific instances in where you use SAP significantly more than ETABS for certain features. You can refer to Speckle ETABS Connector for a summary of the workflows that will be mostly supported as well by the SAP connector if development were to start.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


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I would say given CSI has an ETABS → SAP2000 native convertor maybe its not as urgent of a connector.

Personally, I find I use SAP2000 for stairs, sculptural structures, weird pavilions.

Most people use geometry gym in GH for those kinds of workflows or just copy-paste of line geometry.

SAP Models (in my experience) tend to be small that in terms of 80-20 rule it might just be faster to do the janky workflow above at times. YMMV

That’s my experience at least.