Speckle plugin not showing on Etabs ( v. 2.13.0-alpha 1)


I am trying to connect to Speckle, and I have re-installed Speckle using manager. It seems I cannot find it on my Etabs. Could you please tell me how I can resolve this issue?

Hi @ashinde_TYL,

Hey thanks for reaching out about this. This is an issue that happens when the Speckle plugin is installed while ETABS is open, and it’s on our list of things to fix (which keeps growing :sweat_smile:). Speckle is unable to register its plugin if ETABS is open so you’ll either need to close ETABS and reinstall or manually locate the plugin using the following steps.

There is warning in the docs under the ‘getting started’ tab that should help you with this. But the docs are missing a few nuances so I’ll explain below.

You will need to manually locate the plugin for ETABS. Find the “Tools” option in the navigation bar at the top of ETABS and click the Add/Show Plugins

Then click browse

Then navigate to the Speckle plugin folder in your application data. You can type this into the address bar
\%LocalAppData%\Computers and Structures\ETABS\Speckle2ETABS
Locate the “SpeckleConnectorCSI.dll” and select it. FYI, if you are doing this same operation in SAP, then you’ll want to navigate to
\%LocalAppData%\Computers and Structures\SAP2000\Speckle2ETABS
and locate the “SpeckleConnector.dll” file instead.

Click add and then click OK and you should be good to go.

Let me know if this works for you!


Thank you so much for sending me this. It worked for me.

Hey do you mind if I turn this into a public thread? I think other people are probably running into the same issue as you and this could maybe help them out

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Yes please turn this into public thread