Speckle don't send all data point cloud from lidar mobile

Hi team.
I’m happy today to tried with point cloud scan from iPad and push to speckle, next push from revit to point cloud, but it looks missing many points, any suggestion appreciates?
This is in revit point cloud :

This is in speckle after push, you can see, my bed just push some data :

File Sample :Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

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Hey @chuongmep ,

I was trying to replicate your error but I get the following error when I try to link the point cloud into Revit. Can you please try the steps in the following thread and shared the point cloud file again?


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Sorry @gokermu, this is my mistake, I want to send again file point cloud for you include rcs mapping :

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Hmm, this is weird. Looks like our Revit connector doesn’t send points under the level of CenterPoint of the point cloud. Confirmed this by rotating the point cloud 90-180 degrees.

I believe we can fix this. Thanks for sharing the file.



Thanks awesome :sunglasses:, I will wait a good new from team, file scan from lidar it need more step to can rotate and resolve problem with angle, provide for you more information.

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