Sending pointcloud data from Revit doesnt present all points

Hi everyone!
I am currently validating a workflow with pointclouds, and it seems that this problem persists… I am trying to upload a segmented bridge pointcloud, and some itens don’t show up in Speckle, although it show a “Objects.Geometry.Pointcloud” with 0 points in it.
I’ve run some tests and if I lower the pointcloud about 15 meters, it shows. Since my workflow rely on georreferenced files, this is not a acceptable workaround. Can someone shed some light in this question, please?
NOTES: this project is at elevation of 750m from sea level.

Welcome to Speckle @Cezar

Can you confirm that for…

? the points are not present in the web viewer and are not concealed within other geometry.

Hello @jonathon , thank you.

Yes, I confirm that the pointcloud is in web viewer but has no points in it (as per property pane) and is not concealed by another geometry.

Here, have a printscreen of an upload of the same pointcloud alone, that has gone empty as well…

Also, this screenshot of an upload of 2 copies of the same pointcloud, one in original location (result empty) and another displaced 1m down (resulting in partially uploaded points):

is there a minimal data set that you can hare with us to test/confirm whats going on?

Sure @jonathon, here it is

Stream link:

Point cloud download link (expires in 7 days):

Revit model v2024 (Just unzip point cloud and reload link):

bridge-speckle.rvt (7.2 MB)


Done some more testing on my side, imported pointclouds in a non-geolocated new revit file.

Same results as before, SO, I believe this is not related to my files being georreferenced.

This is the new test stream link, you can check the uploads and their versions.

here are some images

This is the pointclouds assembled in Revit:

Upload with several empty pointclouds

Same as above, but pointclouds are not empty IF we lower them a little:

Also, tried to upload the “missing pointclouds” in this branch, but with the same results, they are there, but they have almost or none points at all: