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Can Speckle Automate Generate Geometry in the model without opening Revit?

Theoretically yes. Our C# template project will automatically add the Speckle-Sharp SDK; within that, the Objects library has most base classes to do just that - with some caveats. Creating Revit objects using Specklepy is also possible - choose your preference.

I only say theoretically because I don’t have a great worked example to share, though it’s a great idea to add a tutorial on the subject.

Also, we don’t include a geometry kernel in the SDK to generate the mesh display version of generated objects, so while they will be valid Revit objects on receive, they won’t display in the viewer by default. But we

Because Speckle Automate runs in response to a new model version trigger, what’s your intended use-case @ghazaleh.eslami?

Thank you for your prompt response. Currently, I’m engaged in a project that involves handling various IFC files from software platforms like Civil3D, ArchiCad, and Revit. However, our manager doesn’t have access to any of these software tools. Additionally, our manager has expressed interest in making specific alterations, including merging different data streams, appending properties to certain objects, and generating new geometries.

I would like to know that these would be possible if he is using Speckle Automate?

This doesn’t sound like a great fit for my basic understanding of your description. Automate will run configurable packaged code on the first setting that responds to new model versions being added to the server. There is no user interaction from that point by design.

If your team is able to define repeatable actions that can be defined programmatically, then Automate is capable of repeating this. It won’t allow someone without authoring applications to make bespoke model additions.

Our Excel connector may be an option for amending the values of properties from Revit, but this is only one aspect you are looking for.

Using our dynamic federation tools in the web application, merging models is possible. Again, this may or may not be the desired workflow, but it is great for sharing curated links with others.

Great clarification. thanks a lot.

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