Speckle 2.17 Release Candidate is here 🥁

Hello @Insiders,

We have been busy working on the latest updates and the 2.17 Release Candidate is ready for community testing. If you don’t feel adventurous, stick with the current stable 2.16 version for uninterrupted project work. Official stable 2.17 release will follow after community testing later this month.

How to test?

Installing the release candidate is easy.

  1. Open the Speckle Manager and find your favourite Connector.
  2. From the menu (3 dots), choose “Available versions”, and make sure that the “Show pre-releases” toggle is on.
  3. Install the 2.17.0-rc .

The 2.17 version is also recommended for testing the new frontend, give it a go at app.speckle.systems .

If you wish to revert back, click the install button for the 2.16 version in the “Available versions”.

How to give feedback?

Post your feedback in this thread, and we will take it from there.

The new RC is packed with features and improvements, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think.


  • Archicad levels can be received to Revit now
  • Layer property has been added to Archicad objects
  • Archicad commits are structured in collections to align with other Speckle Connectors
  • Added support for grids


  • Added support for grids
  • More granular filtering of analysis results on send
  • Improved handling of openings when receiving models from Revit
  • Bug fix when receiving structural materials


  • Added support for grids on receive
  • Improved handling of materials with no name on receive


  • Added support for grids on receive


  • Improved support for rebar on send
  • Floors and ceilings with complex boundary curves are now reliably received
  • Added level of detail setting when sending
  • Added support for grids


  • Resolving dependencies error that have caused plugin failure on creating Streams/Branches and accessing account.
  • Stable Report generation

Hi, I have tried the new frontend, but I lost all my previous streams.

Was this a normal behavior?

Is there a way to revert this situation?


@gjordanp - where are you attempting to view the streams from? Is it in your browser at https://app.speckle.systems, or in a connector, or a custom server deployment?

Are your previous streams still present in https://speckle.xyz?


Hi, Pavol, Ian

I’m trying to send a model with rebars to test this new feature and it won’t sent!!

Progress bar goes all the way to 100% and then nothing happened.



I used this version to send analysis results from Etabs to Revit but I wasn’t successful. Did I do something wrong or it’s still not fully functional in this version ?


It may not be. Apologies I know many things in the ETabs/Revit workflow are in 2.17 but the team responsible were not available last week.

Ok, Thanks.
I wanted to model beam to column connection and needed analysis results for that job.

Hi Farzan,
we did not check this with the newest version yet, but this might help you



Hi Alex,
Thanks for you help.
I’m going to try again considering the tips that were given in the forwarded post.

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