Speckle 2.15 Release Candidate is here 🥁

Hello @Community!

We have been busy working on the latest updates for the next release. This time, we start with a 2.15 Release Candidate, which will be around for a few weeks, giving you enough time to test it and give us feedback. If you don’t feel adventurous, that’s fine, just stick with the current stable 2.14 version for uninterrupted project work. Official stable 2.15 release will follow after community testing later this month.

How to test?

Installing the release candidate is easy.

  1. Open the Speckle Manager and find your favourite Connector.
  2. From the menu (3 dots), choose “Available versions” and make sure that the “Show pre-releases” toggle is on.
  3. Install the 2.15.0-rc .

If you wish to revert back, click the install button for the 2.14 version in the “Available versions”.

How to give feedback?

Please post your feedback in this thread and we will take it from there.

Updates, features, improvements

The new RC is packed with features and improvements, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think.


  • Support for Revit 2024
  • Loading of missing families on receive from a local drive
  • Support for design options
  • Light source cones excluded.
  • Lots of instancing and other bug fixes
  • Levels and types enabled for Mapper.
  • Correct display meshes for instances with modified geometry
  • Refactored categories logic into a shared project
  • Fix for areas mesh and profile
  • Send cropped meshes from the view filter


  • Receive objects from layers with invalid chars on the correct layers


  • Improved wall logic for extrusions



  • UI/UX improvements
    • default values for drop-downs
    • better feedback when selecting mapped elements
    • checkbox when the mapping source added
    • notifications
  • Floor mappings
  • Create levels and types from mapping-source
  • Conversion of Components/Groups to DirectShapes
  • Attach schema to Sketchup entities.
  • Merge faces on send
  • A lot of bug fixes

Structural Connectors

  • Tekla installer fix
  • Polygon mesher for CSi


  • Support for AutoCAD and Civil3D 2024
  • CivilProfile:Profile class and updates ProfileToSpeckle conversion


  • Receive block instances
  • Mesh conversion improvements
  • Support for classifications


  • New options for Versions sent from Navisworks which enable easier data analysis workflows with PowerBI and SDKs and a better Web Viewer experience (all opt-in for now):

    • First-Object data can now, optionally, coalesce to the Geometry nodes,
    • Full-hierarchy versions are now, optionally, possible. Select one node but send the full data tree from root to selection,
    • Include internal properties. Normally hidden in advanced settings for power users, now enabled by the Connector, and…
    • Properties sent with internal names. They aren’t pretty prop names but will be consistent across different languages.
  • Improved User Experience

    • Granular progress reporting for those BIIIIIG sends we’ve been seeing.
    • Of course, bug fixes from Community Reports
  • Developer Mode

    • Where a long conversion fails to send, Retry Send won’t repeat the conversion - temporarily available as we scale the server to handle those BIIIIIG sends. This is step toward Offline-Mode.
    • Redirect Sends cached conversions to a new destination.


  • Improved colouring logic with Color By input
  • Improved settings panel with viewer settings
  • New “conditional formatting” based on rules (applies only if no Color By input is set)
  • New viewer toolbar (with support for views, section box, zoom extents and colour reset, the last one is experimental and will be removed in the future once colouring can be done in the standard PowerBI way)
  • Support for custom views coming from the model
  • New setting to hide or ghost the context objects in the visual (any object that is not on the input data is considered a context object)
  • Speckle.Revit.Parameters.ToNameValueRecord → Gets a parameter object and returns a record with the parameter name as key and its assigned value. Simplifies working with parameters in PowerBI
  • Speckle.Utils.DynamicColumnExpand expands a specific table column, adding all its fields as new columns in the table.
  • New landing page with helpful links to speckle resources


  • Supporting custom CRS offsets and rotation
  • Mac manager installer
  • Cleaner UI
  • Stability improvements
  • Added GIS classes to specklepy


  • Added support for sending/receiving views as Blender cameras.
  • Added support for sending Collection Instances with nested child objects.
  • Fixed issues with receiving nested Revit instances that contained hosted elements.


  • Fix for requests for invalid auth tokens failing.
  • Allow for traversal context inheritance

You can see all details in the latest release notes on GitHub.


Just tried to use the 2.15-rc Revit connector for Revit 2024.

Materials and models missing. Models/Families also out of alignment/position on upload.

See image: Operator Chairs should be at desks, chairs at round table missing & Shelving moved off to one side ect


Good catch, thanks for reporting @IanhewJenks Could you share a sample model and the Speckle stream? It would help our engineers to get to the bottom of this.

Hey Pavol, yep no worries, see attached WeTransfer link to the project file. Hope this helps.

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Amazing @IanhewJenks , this helps a lot.

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I just tried to use the 2.15.0-rc Revit connector for Revit 2024, too.

I think Toposolid (New introduced category for Revit 2024) doesn’t follow.


Thanks for reporting @SeounghyunCheon, we’ll add support for toposolids.

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error when I tried to send a model from Navis to Speckle.
It works with only one object (model), but I sent the same 4 objects with the previous version without problems.

Thanks @mirko.maccarronello - I have a fix for this already waiting to merge! :smiley:

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Hi! We installed the rc in one of our machines and the Grasshopper connector stopped sending and receiving data. We solved it by downgrading back to 14.4. Is there a way I can get the logs of operations like that so I can share them with you?

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@cgburgos are you able to describe the failure in more detail?

Did send fail, or did conversion fail?

Both the sender and receiver component stay frozen on the sending/receiving state after they were triggered. Nothing else happened. No error message or anything. We tried with a couple of fresh files and types of data but it didn’t work. Tomorrow I’ll try to update another machine and see if I can replicate the issue, but just wanted to check if things like that were logged somewhere

You can find the logs in this folder, please send them over via DM and we’ll have a look.
Thanks for the report!!


Was it a saved GH definition that you opened, or does the same happens with new nodes?

Sorry for the late response! I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior again. I talked to that team and they told me they install it through the manager (which is something we don’t do because our IT restrictions), so I think that was the issue.

I checked the logs but the ones from the previous versions were deleted (I think that happened after we downgrade to 14.4)

It was happening for every node so new or already existent, so I think it was a connection issue due the installation through the manager.

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A quick note that we have made another Release Candidate that should address the bugs you reported @mirko.maccarronello @IanhewJenks !

@SeounghyunCheon Toposolid support instead will have to wait a bit longer :slight_smile:

@cgburgos glad to hear it’s not happening anymore :partying_face:


Fantastic, thank you, I’ll update asap and check all is work well when I get a sec. :+1:

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