Space link with Families

Is it possible to also relate families to Spaces? This is more specific than Room.

If you have selected MEP spaces to send then these are sent with an associated Room Id.

You can join using that common reference.

…that’s the problem. You wouldn’t know which space (in particular).
1 instance → 1 Room → n Spaces.

turns out there is a GetSpaceAtPoint method! This would be analogous to what was done for Rooms.

That’s the current implementation.

Happy to scope an alternative.

Things to consider like GetSpaceAtPoint is a possibility but is prone to error/misattribution for elements spanning spaces.

Any other details you can share for the specific requirements are helpful to us scope that feature/solution.

To be really detailed, you’d need to check every volumetric uniformly distributed point of an element. But that’s too much computation for the typical case where you have an instance clearly within a space.

re: requirements.

Nothing different than what was done for Rooms; You’d have a ‘SpaceId’ on the instance. The motivation is similar: we’d like to associate a discipline with its space.

Furniture → Rooms. (makes sense).
Lighting → Lighting Space.
Duct? —> HVAC Space.

Do you know if this would be part of a current development cycle?

@jonathon , nice nudge :pray:

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There is a development ticket for it; I don’t believe it has yet been prioritised for action.

We do pay attention to the level of interest expressed here. This isn’t yet receiving much.

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