Include Room property on FamilyInstance conversion

Hey guys!

Would it be possible to include the FamilyInstance.Room property during the conversion from Revit to Speckle?

We are building PowerBi dashboards for a clients where the relationship between furniture, for example, and to which room they belong would make them happy :slight_smile:

Sure thing - would you need the Room Name or ElementId?

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I think the ElementId would be more useful, since we need to construct the relationship.

Yes, definitely useful. This info can also be used for Power BI dashboards, Room data sheets.


Done, it’s coming!

We’ve also added:

  • roomFromId: for doors and windows
  • roomToId: for doors and windows
  • worksetId
  • all the parameters of type ElementId and of value null (which were previously excluded)



Sweet!!! We’ll try to comeback with a demo :wink:

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