🚨 **sort of** Breaking Change: Self-deployed servers `EMAIL_FROM` value is now REQUIRED

Hey @Insiders (who are self-deploying)

We are changing the behaviour for servers deployed with no env value for EMAIL_FROM. Previously, the server code would fall back to setting to a no-reply@speckle.systems, which works for us and many of you but isn’t legitimate outside of Speckle HQ. :speckle:

To clarify, a hard requirement is now that your env environment explicitly sets this. Failure to do so will result in an error, and the deployment will fail.

If you are already setting this value, then no action is required. If not, then it is a simple, quick fix.

To summarise:

  • Value of no-reply@speckle.systems is removed as default for the EMAIL_FROM environment value
  • The value is expected to be provided by the environment in which the server is deployed, e.g. via Docker Compose or Helm values file.
  • examples provided in README and test env files.

If you are used to deploying from the speckle-server repo, this is already merged into the main branch. It will be coming down the pipeline for the upcoming version.