Server setup to use Google Auth

Hi @iainsproat, please tell me whether the Google, GitHub authentication procedure is described?

Hi @joyshmitz, welcome to Speckle’s community!

If you have deployed Speckle Server via Docker Compose, please refer to our setup guide for how to amend the Docker compose file, backup your existing database, and restart the server.

The Azure AD, GitHub, Google, and OIDC authentication strategies all require you to add environment variables to the Speckle Server service in the docker compose file. The required environment variables are listed in our source code.

There is also a community thread which covers troubleshooting associated with setting up Azure AD authentication.

If you have deployed to Kubernetes with Helm, you do not need to amend the environment variables directly. Instead the required Helm variables to amend are described in the Server section of our Helm documentation.

If you encounter any problems, please create a new thread in this community. And if you do have time to contribute back to Speckle’s open source project, our documentation can certainly be improved with a Pull Request to our documentation repository!