Rhino texture in web viewer

A colleague is trying to get a terrain mesh with a texture from Rhino into the Speckle web viewer to have a nice 3D site model to show the client. Later on, they idea is to use this terrain mesh in other parts of a workflow and set it to the correct scale and add geolocation as well. But the material with texture isn’t showing in the web viewer. When I receive it back into Rhino it looks great!

I tried this lifehack, but without success: Lifehack for creation textures for Speckle from Grasshopper

Any thoughts on this issue / feature request?

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The viewer doesn’t have texture support… yet!
@alex is doing wonders to get us there, so expect something soon :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Out of interest, any progress on this? :slight_smile:

Hey Jeroen! We’ve got too PRs ready that you can follow to stay up to date on this:

and associated core

that lay the foundations for texture support. I’m planning to actually get @gjedlicska to review the server one today (after i update it) so we can unblock the work in core. Lastly, we’ll get to work on implementation in connectors (Rhino’s most likely first) and viewer afterwards.


Does not look like it has been implemented yet. Upvote on this! Would be smasher of a feature

Indeed it hasn’t. :spockle_joy:

We are taking a long, hard look at some of our basic assumptions in the conversions we are making; once we are through, the votes for texture support across many workflows will be way up there!


Texture support would be great.