Photogrammetry and Textures

Hello guys,

a former colleague of ours called me yesterday to ask, whether Speckle allows for point clouds and geometry generated with photogrammetry yet. Point clouds most definitely, but via connector and not as a file upload. For the photogrammetry I’m not sure about textures the users might want to see. To my knowledge, the viewer does not support it yet, but you started with this topic. The last time I tried, sending textures via connector was also not yet supported. I believe this is not the highest of priorities of yours, but it would still be interesting to hear about the status … and if you have planned for it or if it is moved back due to other pressing matters.

The last post I had in my head about it was this one:

Thanks a lot like always and all the best,

Hey @AlexHofbeck ,

We know that many of our users have been asking for support for textures, and we want you to know that we hear you! While it’s definitely something we plan to add in the future, our top priority right now is making sure that the next generation of Speckle is ready for you. We’re working hard on developing a new web app and working on the new connector UI. Thanks for your patience and understanding!