Rhino -> Revit - Not receiving all geometry in blocks

I’ve created several geometries in rhino (all identical) and for some reason, there are some of them that are not being received by Revit. I’m converting each dome into 1 block to get a family in revit. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hmm, this is interesting. Can you share the Rhino model with us?

I cant upload it, for some reason it says it’s too big, but it only weights 10 MB

Hmm, you can use WeTransfer if that’s the case.

could you share your mail please?

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You can Upload the files via this platform .

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But I need your mails to upload it via wetransfer.
Also I’ve encountered another issue, when assigning materials or overrides in revit, it doesn’t apply to all geometry.

You can upload your file to WeTransfer and get a shareable link.

Thank you, I didn’t know you could dod it that way. Here is the link. I hope you can help me.

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hello! any luck with this? =(

I’m checking it out this evening - it’s been a busy week in Speckle Towers. My apologies.

Rhino 8 file, eh? Fancy. :partying_spockle:

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I can confirm that, at least in Revit 2023, we don’t receive the blocks intact. Sending the 3 blocks exploded, however, seems to rectify the issue.

Indeed recreating the original blocks afresh produced the same missing elements.

We must log this as a bug to investigate; thanks for raising it. Perhaps sending the exploded elements will be sufficient for your work.

The error would appear to be in the Revit conversion as both models in Speckle seem to be intact.

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As a test, I downsaved to Rhino 7, and the missing elements issue persists. We’ll check the Revit conversion.

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Can we add note on this issue that it may be an instance rotation problem?

Thanks a lot for your reply. Can I ask you also to check about the materials? Some items were not representing graphically as intended.
Thanks again.