Rhino 8 connector for Mac

Hey guys, any news on the release for Rhino 8 on Mac? :pray:

That should be included in the upcoming 2.19 release, which is due to come very soon (1-2 weeks I believe)!

To clarify, 2.19 release will have Rhino 8 support for Windows only. Mac is more complicated. It is on our roadmap but I can’t give any timeline on when that would be @Shaul_Zofef

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thanks for the heads up (Im back in the speckleverse >:))

I will test on parallels since I am using an m1 mac

Welcome back - we’ve missed you

And welcome to @Shaul_Zofef we appreciate you too.

I have been poking around the ETABs connector.

Thank you for updating it with the ability to import without properties <3

another question / suggestion I have is


can we change the connector nodes to match ETABs?

the naming is confusing because I don’t see why codeYear was chosen for something that never has a year in it

Hi @Tushar_Nagananda,

Thanks for the feedback! I am going to put it in the backlog for review.