Rhino 8 is avaiable

I have to use rhino 8 currently. Will there be an update to Speckle to use this? This situation limits me a lot, can you please help me? I’m still a student and I have a limited budget.

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Good news @Ece_Yilmazturk is that we are working on this right now!

The bad news is that it won’t be immediately available. This is in part because we have to deprecate some of our support for earlier versions, so will need to manage this process.

Curious, has your educational institution mandated/made available only Rhino 8?

I only have to use it because I have the key that is suitable for Rhino 8 access

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Fair enough. A team is investigating now. Can you confirm if you are using Mac/PC? Intel/Silicon. When it comes to testing, we can let you know what we have gotten to work on and what is still a to-do.

I use PC-Intel I use PC with Intel. I hope I can use it actively on Rhino 8 soon. I started using version 8 because it’s the newest. I wish I hadn’t changed, as I work with Blender as well. This situation has upset me. :frowning:

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I understand. We are looking at how to continue supporting all our existing versions across multiple platforms while we bring R8 into the fold. I’ll let you and the community know as soon as we have something.

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Ece, I am also studying and bought Rhino 8. I discovered that with a Rhino 8 license you also get access to Rhino 7. Use this link: Rhino - Access Rhino 7


Thankyou @Libny_Pacheco, that is helpful information.

In the meantime, I can confirm that we have an upcoming working candidate that is compatible. This will come in a future release for Speckle for Rhino8. It will follow a patch release from McNeel that we have tested a WIP build for. Once that version release for Rhino 8.3 is launched, you can use the next update for Speckle with Rhino 8.3 from that version forward.

We need to manage installation for users of Rhino6 & 7 alongside 8.3


Hey folks, just checking in on this thread- Rhino 8.3 has been released at this point - do we have a date for the connector?

Hey @chris.welch ,

Making the Speckle connector available for Rhino 8 is a high priority for us! We are currently working on it. We want to ensure it can work side by side with Rhino 7 connector. Fingers crossed, it should be part of the next release which is due soon!

Cheers folks! Appreciate it.

@chris.welch @Ece_Yilmazturk @Libny_Pacheco


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