Revit2022 generic models are not sent with geometries

Hi there!
I’m currently trying to send a model from Revit to my speckle server. The model is composed of mutliple generic model geometries.

In the speckle viewer I get the following message:

The data looks like this:

Any ideas?

Hey @Ruben_Schmidt ! Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

DirectShapes are not currently supported Revit => Speckle, see this issue, but good news is that @clrkng and I will tackle it the next week so it should make it into our next release :soon:!

Maybe you could share with us one sample of those elements to test with?

Hey Ruben,

It looks like your direct shape is missing baseGeometries, so the viewer won’t be able to find any display meshes or values to show! Revit Direct Shape => Speckle is currently toggled on and the docs say the same, so apologies for the confusion :neutral_face:

We do have some improvements on that conversion to do, so echoing @teocomi: if you could pass us one of those elements to test with, that would be super helpful!

Hi @Ruben_Schmidt ,

Quick update, we’ve added support for DirectShapes > Speckle! Currently, they’ll be sent as meshes, hope that works for you.

We’ll inclue this in the next release.

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the delayed answer here. Thank you very much for looking into this, looking forward to try it out on the next release :slight_smile:

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