Revit to Etabs - Groups?


I’ve just started playing around with the Revit connector, with an initial aim to have a bi-directional link into ETABS.

I have a typical project for our company, a 50 storey concrete tower that I want to push from Revit into ETABS to avoid double modelling.

I’m realizing there is a limit to the amount of data that can be sent and have limited the export to structural categories, and selecting all elements in a view that I have filtered out elements that i dont need to see in ETABS.

We would always use groups for common low, mid and high rise floors. It appears that these are not mapping correctly, when the floors are part of a group.

These are the error messages I am getting for Floors and Groups.



Any best practice tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @BIM_Wash ,

Thanks for the report! The way we handle groups and instances has changed substantially in our last release, and maybe something has slipped; we’ll investigate.

Do you have a basic model to share that we could use to reproduce the bug?

Hey @teocomi ,

Sure, do you have a private link I can send the Revit model too. I would prefer to send the actual model in case there are any other suggestions you can offer for best practice. I have had many unsuccessful attempts and it is taking around 30mins per send. I’m hoping I can just send the relevant data and strip out anything that wouldn’t be needed for the Revit-Etabs connector. Thanks, Matt

@teocomi just an FYI. I have tested floors which have been grouped in 2.12 and 2.13 with the same result as above. thanks.

You can send a file share link to either @teocomi or me as a direct message here. We don’t have a public drop box.

Ideally, if there is a minimal example files can be shared as an attachment to a speckle comment on a dedicated stream that demonstrates data you are having trouble with. Again invite either myself or @teocomi as collaborators.

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Hi Jonathan,

I have uploaded a new stream with a cut down version of the tower. This highlights the issues with the grouped floors. I have also added a copy of the RVT file to a comment (nice feature btw).

I have added you and @teocomi as collaborators.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need. thanks, matt


Perfect, thanks @BIM_Wash !

We’ll look at this during the current sprint and will let you know - my guess is that ETABS doesn’t support groups just yet, but it might be a simple fix.

One thing that intrigued me in your first message was:

Is the connector getting stuck on send or what else? This should not happen, any chance we could have the full model to test with? Happy to sign an NDA if needed!

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@teocomi, this is the message regarding “object too large”


@teocomi , if you have an NDA we can sign, then I can send you the entire model.

thanks, Matt

Awesome, I’ve just sent you an email!

When sending to Speckle, our converters break down (detach) objects in small parts so that they can be easily stored and retrieved from the database. The error you have means that one (or more) specific objects were not successfully detached; and not that the file is too big.

This is something that we can hopefully solve!

Quick update Matt, your model was super helpful in making us identify various problems with model group support in Revit.
I managed to send the entire town in a few minutes instead of the 1h+ that was taking initially, next we’ll tackle groups support in ETABS, stay tuned!